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Real Madrid, Manchester United, Bayern fallen torture: Different giants same tragedy

Madrid, Manchester, Munich. For three football fans, the capital, this past season, and not much memorable.

Block 10 of the Champions League, Real Madrid has not yet dispersed warmth, “nothing concrete” attack on one after another, not only reap strong dialogue under the wind, against the belly is also crazy to lose the ball. Carlo Ancelotti was fired inevitable, beating the next upheaval will ……

Manchester United barely into the top four, although the “Theatre of Dreams” is no longer a “nightmare theater” Moyes under the rule, but the King of the Ferguson era gas almost disappeared, the small team in the Premier League’s eyes, is no longer one against Manchester United earthshaking uncommon, Van Gaal’s aura is fading down ……

Bayern won the league title early, but this is barely enough to appeal to the lowest Allianz diehard. For two consecutive years from the Champions League semi-final defeat and go, Guardiola increasingly sit real “nest Bundesliga cross” in the name. Team injury disaster, internal unrest, “football Hollywood” seems to be the rise of black history ……

Manchester United from Real Madrid and then Bayern Munich, which the top three are all giants suffered a staggering decline of strength and honor, and if you look very carefully, but it has suddenly fallen three very similar in common.

Tactical defense changed dramatically over the loopholes

Vladimir Jazz prosperity, the United expertise in deadly counterattack, rely on high synergy intercept blocking the opponent’s attack, and impose effective offensive for the first time. In the general direction, Hay Mu’s Real Madrid and Bayern Munich are also similar style, but slightly different emphasis. But now, three teams of technical and tactical style have undergone earth-shaking changes.

After Van Gaal took over Manchester United in transition pass control of the king, Possession part of the game even more than 70%; Real Madrid also started to pass control dominated possession rate increased dramatically, especially melon handsome Bayern. But the problem is that great changes that resulted in technical and tactical mode of defense must also adapt to a completely different defensive requirements.

A terrible thing! Manchester United, Real Madrid partnership abandon a star he really nobody wanted to kill?

Manchester United striker Hernandez is now caught up in embarrassment. Since the expiration of the lease contract with Real Madrid, a small pea will return to their home team Manchester United, Real Madrid has no intention to buy out Hernandez, but Van Gaal did not want him to stay at Manchester United. The former Premier kill God now reduced to the point where the two giants do not want to, how surprising.

Real Madrid last summer rented Hernandez, the Champions League quarter-finals, a small pea lore Atletico Madrid goal made him a hero. But objectively speaking, the talented Galacticos, given the opportunity to remain a handful of small peas. Real Madrid this season he played 33 games, almost all the squad, despite scoring nine goals, but not enough to move to Real Madrid to buy. Today lease contract expires, Hernandez will return Manchester United.

And even worse is that Manchester United have no intention to make a small pea left team. Van Gaal had talked about the future of small peas in an interview had said publicly before: “I have sent him away Does he went into a few balls in Madrid on different I do not think so.?.” Speech Among difficult to see, the Netherlands coach for Hernandez was not satisfied, meaning that the Mexican striker’s future once again putting a question mark.

“Daily Mirror” that will determine the basic small peas in the summer move away from Manchester United, Valencia, La Liga and the English Premier League Everton, West Ham are interested in him, after being abandoned by Real Madrid and Manchester United partnership, Transfers It may have become the only way out of a small pea.

AC Milan again Ancelotti three days closeted 4’ll giants:! Go all out

Ancelotti with AC Milan has conducted a meeting, this is the fourth among the three days, even though the meeting lasted only one hour, but AC Milan’s Carlo Ancelotti eager willingness to return is clearly visible.

The meeting in Madrid Wellington Hotel, facing reporters, Ancelotti also look relaxed, “I’m very relaxed these days is the relax.” Meet the Press, Galliani also said, “We are doing their best, but now nothing finalized. “Then, Galliani also answered several questions of interest to the media,” Zhu Qi Man? I will not comment on the other team’s players, until he became the AC Milan player to say it, but he is not come, I really filled with questions – Mario? Soares wait, now we do not know what. ”

Prior Galliani has repeatedly stressed persuade Ancelotti will not give up return, but there is no real progress, according to the official news channel of AC Milan, Italy on Thursday, Beijing time tonight, the two sides will conduct another first meeting. Italian media said that Carlo Ancelotti’s decision will be made before Friday, because then he and his wife went on vacation.

For Jiushuai Ancelotti’s return, Berlusconi also full of expectations, of course, his position is currently no news can say. “Ancelotti agreed to return? Hope this is it,” Berlusconi said, “but now the news is nothing you can say.”

The ice hockey junior learning exercise two. Shiyan ice ice baby mother wanted to give a team group

April 13 reported Shiyan 7-year-old girls ice hockey Dong Yuying won the CCTV focus on. Recently, she first to the identity of the goalkeeper follow the team go to Hong Kong to attend the international junior hockey game return, Shiyan the hockey teenager who although did not win the championship, but also many game harvest.

May 22, reporter again visited about ice mother (to accompany the mother of child care hockey practice) Ms. Wang, she said to give children ice Pseudostellaria keen interest (ice hockey) a hockey team.

Qin Chu network (Shiyan Evening News) trainee reporter Bao Huan

Take the value of the children to play

Dong Yuying before the age of 3 or fragile little princess, every day to the dress to the United States and the United States only then is willing to go out, no matter to which will boast of her lovely.

A friend of his mother at the meeting praised her for her is a small beauty, but she pursed her little mouth happy, upon inquiry, she said he is super universe big beauty, not a small beauty, attracted people ha ha laugh.

Fragile Dong Yuying let mother Ms. Wang is very worried, she was afraid of children go on like this will not conducive to her values, in order to correctly guide the Dong Yuying, Ms. Wang is began to let her brother Dong Yuchen playing table tennis.

Once, when Dong Yuying participated in the table tennis match to wear the princess dress, Ms. Wang asked her: “if you wear the princess dress to the match, if you do not receive the ball fractional to who?” She replied: “will give the opponent.” “Is that the score that your opponent will wear to him?” “Will.” “So we are not and others than who wear beautiful, but who the strength of the strong, right?” After this education, Dong Yuying grew up a lot, no longer so pay attention to wearing, began to focus on learning to play table tennis.

“After the age of 6, she started to learn ice hockey, and she even more ‘female man’, and sometimes the face did not wash away to run.” Ms. Wang said, “from a personal combat table tennis team and common struggle of ice hockey, children body more strong and firm, the more independent, not afraid of hardship, not afraid of tired, know how to cooperate and humility, and know how to lose don’t give up to defy. I am pleased to this..”

Wash clothes more than a year of washing clothes

Ms. Wang said that she is a love toss mother, she believes that only a number of things toss to learn more things, more than a walk will broaden horizons. In Shiyan, the two kids play ice hockey well, but you’ll see a lot better than you when you go outside to train..”

In order to let the ice hockey players have more training opportunities, mothers with children around the rush. In the plane, the train, waiting at the ice stadium, when training, there are children doing homework figure.” Ms. Wang said, the children never complained hard, even if they play a full of vigor and vitality.

Each time after training the sweat wet clothes a big bag, at night back to the hotel, mothers first take care of the child to sleep before they start to wash the children to change clothes.

“Out training for the two day of the shirt than at home a year to wash clothes more.” Tang Zihan’s mother Liu said with a smile. After washing the clothes to dry finish the gear, the one or two in the morning. The next day 6 points in the morning mothers but also first up ready for the day of training. And then call the children wake up, Ms. Wang laments: “although sometimes feel very tired, but see children’s insistence, he is no reason said to rest.”

Ice mom group: the child’s insistence is our greatest power

What’s the most touching kid in ice hockey training? The mothers of the ice moms don’t hesitate to say that they are the children’s insistence.. Liang Luo and mother of Ms. Tang told reporters that “at the beginning of the training, can not keep up the speed, he still trying to catch up, in order to practice a movement often wrestling, hand foot bruises covered with bruises and never sore. I have to see his insistence, I have to stick to the power of.”

The summer of 2014 the Qingdao hockey training of children and the ice mother group most unforgettable experience. 20 days of camp life, 7 families, 19 people rented in a big house, ice mothers day plays various roles required for procurement, cooks, trainers, nutritionists, dormitory administrator, laundry, tour guides, nurse, porters, etc. ice child. “Everyone has a division, although busy but very substantial, the children in this training also grow a lot of.”

However, the ice mom said, because Shiyan is currently only 5 kids playing ice hockey, but also can not reach the requirements of the game. “Every time we go out to play is to ask someone to take the players, we want to have more kids to learn ice hockey, in the Shiyan group a our own ice team.” Ms. Wang said.


Ice hockey has been in China for more than 60 years.. Ice hockey, also known as “ice hockey”, a roll technology and defense technology two kinds of tactics.

The ice hockey game was 60 minutes and divided into three games.. The same time playing game players have six, including one goalkeeper; overtime, each team to a player, namely 5 to 5. The hockey game rules are open, in the game allows collision, and even allow players to fight against.

In recent years, due to the personnel suspended, the Chinese women’s ice hockey is in the trough, but in recent years in first tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, youth hockey is multiplied. At present, the Beijing Youth Hockey League is the largest ice hockey league in Asia.