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The second person to leave Barcelona this summer exposure 1.5 million loan to Inter Milan two years


According to Spanish media, “Marca” reported that Barcelona defender Juan Pablo Carrasco’s agent confirmed that Montoya has been agreed with Inter, Montoya will join Inter Milan on loan in the form of 2 years, and now the only thing Barcelona is waiting for a nod.

Carrasco said: “We have become consistent with international Miranda, now only a matter of time before you can say, we are waiting for Barcelona to sign, agreed to let Montoya move to Inter Milan, I can confirm that Montoya. lease two years, but I can not say the relevant figures. ”

It is reported that Montoya’s rental fee of 150 million euros, which includes priority buyout clause, the amount of between 700 to 8,000,000. Carrasco said: “Milan Montoya is ready to take off, we are waiting for Barcelona.”

Once the transfer is successful, Montoya will become the second person to leave Barcelona this summer, and after Barcelona 600 million euros sold Deluofeiwu.


Europe’s three major giants berserk Boge Ba Barcelona Chelsea Manchester City PK 100 million


Boge Ba is enjoying the holidays, Sunday, he and Benzema to watch a fashion show in Paris. Boge Ba I am very calm, but the battle for his move around, but it has to play in European football in full swing. According to the “Daily Sport newspaper,” the message, Barca out of the 90 million euros in the price buy Boge Ba, Chelsea is reported out of the 50 million plus Oscar conditions, while Manchester City out of altogether 100 million euros of the price.

“Daily Sport newspaper,” said Barcelona will offer up to 90 million euros, of which 80 million euros is fixed transfer fee, 10 million euros transfer fee is floating. Because the transfer ban FIFA, Bo Geba not immediately to Barcelona effect, Barca let him kick at Juventus in June 2016, that is to say, one year will put Barcelona jersey Houbogeba .

However, Barcelona is also facing competition because the two rivals Chelsea and Manchester City will make conditions attractive. According to “Daily Sports Daily” reported that in order to sign Boge Ba, Chelsea are willing to Oscar also added to the transaction, the Blues out of the “50 million euros plus Oscar” price. Juve seek Oscar has for a long time, coach Allegri also publicly expressed interest in this Brazilian internationals.

This year only 22 years old Bo Geba in the summer of 2012 transfer from Manchester United to Juventus last season, he played 26 times in Serie A, scoring eight goals, three assists. Oscar is 23 years old this year, is also joined Chelsea in the summer of 2012, he landed 25 million pounds of high prices from Brazil international to Stamford Bridge last season he played 28 times in the Premier League, scoring 6 goals, 8 assists.

Boge Ba interest of Manchester City. According to “Daily Sports Daily” reported that Manchester City are willing to send official offer of 100 million euros. Suffice it to say, on the issue Boge Ba, blue moon at all costs. In order to convince the French people, Manchester City ready to open a £ 240,000 weekly salary, and this will be their team’s top salary, in addition to the terms of the contract are also additional bonuses.

In the world of football talent wither, top players lack phase, 15/16 UEFA summer transfer window is not already open, but it has long been surging, the major giants have begun a fierce fight, for talent, poaching each other, swaps, each Take required, and Boge Ba is undoubtedly the most popular star, he is most likely to create summer transfer price records.

Messi almost 11 years ago, some anecdotes exposure for the Spanish team to play


11 years ago June 29, representatives of Argentina, Messi first played the game, according to the Argentine domestic media “canchallena” broke the news, this game is by the then Argentine Football Association  emergency organization, the purpose is to Avoid Macy joined the Spanish national team.

In 2004, 17-year-old Messi has already come to Barcelona and show a strong football talent. At that time Argentina U20 national team coach Tuo Kali recommend to Grondona Messi, and showed him some Macy playing video. Grondona immediately said: “We need to do something, we must immediately organize a FIFA recognized competition.”

Grondona then quickly gather information Messi and Argentina U20 organized a warm-up match with Paraguay, the first player to get called up is Messi, a small flea very readily agreed. Ready for this game is very rapid, and even have no time to do its work, the locals even simply does not know to be a game like this.

Anyway, through the game, Messi’s future and the Argentine national team connected together, almost 11 years ago today, Pampas eagle find their new Maradona.

The new Tyrant confirmed once again join forces to sign Ronaldinho Eto’o


Antalya soil over newly promoted chairman root Wenzel sports team announced that the team has with the Brazilian star Ronaldinho to reach agreement on the treatment, within the next two days will be officially announced their joining.

Antalya sports teams, although the soil over newly promoted, but the club does not lose financially in any European Tyrant. Prior to this, the club and the former Barcelona striker Samuel Eto’o has been close to signing, and now the team has to get Ronaldinho, the two stars will once again join forces.

Ronaldinho recently with Mexican team Queretaro termination, he posted a video on also ins, confirmed that he will sign with the soil over the team. Video Ronaldinho said: “Hello everyone, I will soon go to Turkey!”

When Antalya Sports Club President root Wenzel accepted the Turkish media interview, said: “We have reached an agreement with Ronaldinho, I think there will be an official source within the next two days, in addition to Ronaldinho and Egypt. Tuoao, we also have an important signings, after the completion of our attack will make the world tremble! “