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Falcons cut veteran wide receiver Roddy – White

After the controversial 2015 season, the Atlanta Falcons on Wednesday afternoon announced the cut in team history the greatest wide receiver Roddy – White (Roddy White). White Falcon 2005 first-round pick, then he completed in 11 seasons made 808 catches for 10,863 yards. He completed only made 43 catches for 506 yards 1 touchdown last season. decisions like this are always
Madden 16 Ultimate Team Coins difficult, but this is the most difficult decision I have so many years in the league is involved, general manager Thomas – Dimitrov (Thomas Dimitroff) said in a statement. We Roddy groups for the fans and the team’s sense cherish lofty respect and gratitude.

He was a great teammate and one of the greatest players in the history of the Falcon. We thank Xie Luodi do everything for the team and wish him success in his future career endeavors. A year ago White openly express their dissatisfaction with the Falcons offensive group. In the mid-season, he once talked about how he fell in the majority of cases the status Leonard – Hankison (Leonard Hankerson) after only become quarterback Matt – Ryan (Matt Ryan) Number Three passing targets. There were rumors that White will be traded, but in the end nothing happened.

Now, for a receptions, yardage and touchdowns number (63) among the top ten in the history of wide receiver, many teams array should have his place. White was selected to the Pro Bowl four times, the last time in 2011. White in recent years has been the number one wide receiver Julio – Jones (Julio Jones) a good teammate, which is probably why he decided to make the cut is so hard. Wyatt will take the Falcon had more than 600 million dollars in salary cap space for next season.

Dolphins running back with the price tag still differences to renew negotiations Miller

During NFL camp body measurements, the new coach of the Miami Dolphins – Adam Gass (Adam Gase) made it clear that they want to leave running back Lamar – Miller (Lamar Miller). So how many teams are willing to pay to stay one soon to open free-agent market in the best running back of it? According to local reporters in Miami it reported dolphins to continue its efforts to renew Miller, but the team is willing to open an annual salary of $ 5 million per year, or slightly less than $ 5 million figure, but Miller’s asking price of more than $ 15 million annually.

The league has five running back at the start of the next season, the average annual salary in excess of $ 5 million: Adrian – Peterson (Adrian Peterson), Le Xiaoen – McCoy (LeSean McCoy), De Make – Murray ( DeMarco Murray), Jonathan – Stewart (Jonathan Stewart) and Jamal – Charles (Jamaal Charles). Sean – Flynn (Shane Vereen), followed by an average annual salary of $ 4.1 million. Dolphin bad salary cap situation certainly can not help them retain Miller. Miller last season for the team starting all 16 games, rushed the ball 194 times out of 872 yards 8 touchdowns. He rushed the ball
Madden 16 Ultimate Team Coins a lot of work has been in doubt for the running back can afford, after a number of Dolphins offensive coordinator refused to let him become the main running
cheap madden coins back. Miller has said he wants too rushed the ball 20 times per game. Gass said the current contract if he will not represent Miller Miller envisaged per game rushing attempt.

Preview Kobe Bryant for the Lakers play the leading role truce young warrior overturned

YORK, October 17 reported: Los Angeles Lakers just one win and four losses record in the preseason, the 18th they will clash with the defending champion in San Diego Golden State Warriors. Bryant will miss the game, the Lakers need Randall, Clarkson and Russell play a role in these young players, they have to fight for his unit to avoid losing streak. Warriors just find the winning feeling that they need for the regular season to continue running team, they have to increase efforts to avoid wounded. (Beijing at 10:00 on October 18 in San Diego Canyon View Center NBA TV live) in the preseason with the Kings, the Lakers not only suffered defeat, Bryant is still the third quarter was the top exit left knee injury.

Although has said Bryant’s injury is not serious, the Warriors should be able to participate in the game, but
nba 2k16 mt the current situation, when Kobe Bryant back still unknown. Bryant has missed the team training for two days, and some pain in his knee, which made him advance with the Warriors game to say goodbye. ‘Kobe just bruise,’ Scott said, ‘The most important thing is to get rid of the pain. Bryant said their toes and some pain, we have to wait until he got rid of these pain, then let him play, followed by efforts to recover the best condition. ‘preseason to Bryant as much rest, which is a good thing. In addition, since Odom admission, Bryant can not help physically and mentally exhausted, his friend’s situation has been very concerned about, and even Scott admits Bryant mood extremely heavy. In this case, the
website truce Bryant is the best way to relax, his body and mind need to get a release. Without Kobe, Lakers other young players will get more opportunities, they should strive to show themselves in the field. The Lakers have chosen to perform the third year of the contract and Randall, the young inside had a strong showing in the preseason, when he wants to strive against the Warriors in the paint to give opponents trouble.

Hibbert is the same, he wanted on rebounding and defense to help the team. Russell may return to starting, he and Clarkson combination guard to keep the offensive, they should strive to Curry, Thompson trouble. On the bench, Williams, Young, Bass, Metta World Peace, etc. must strive to make greater contributions to the team. Warriors win him back from the Rockets feel, although only the preseason stage, but the defending champion of the state
nba mt points is very good, even the Rockets coach Kevin McHale also admitted that the current two teams complete not on the same horizontal line. Curry, Thompson as long as the stage, they will remain aggressive to the Lakers trouble. But for the Warriors, the injury is a problem they can not help but pay attention. Before Barnes bone bruises, he missed the Rockets game, he may continue to miss the game against the Lakers. When Andrew Bogut was injured nose against the Rockets, which makes him ahead of departure, is still not sure if he could play the Lakers. If Bogut truce, Aize Li will get more opportunities.

As defending champion, the Warriors lineup stable, they have to do is to look at the lineup, strengthening rotating lineup of strength, so Wharton should use the opportunity to give more role players preseason playing time. Last season, regular season, the Warriors beat the Lakers 3-1 in the two teams clash in the last six, the Lakers got only one victory. The two sides are expected starting lineup Warriors: Curry, Thompson, Rush, Green, Aize Li Lakers: Russell, Clarkson, Brown, Randall, Hibbert

Being shutout! ‘Power forward’ Pierce 5 shots off the hook hanging iron score zero

Clippers and Hornets meet again in the Chinese race, the results
nba mt coins of more than 71 113 Clippers lost the game. In the game, the Clippers veteran Paul Pierce was the top to the power forward position, but he is clearly not adapt, the audience only scored 5 0 vote hanging eggs, defensive end is still Hawes hook. Yesterday, the veteran Pierce just after his 38 birthday. This veteran joined the Clippers this season, the goal is obviously another one championship ring. In the last game against the Hornets Chinese race, Pierce was playing the
nba 2k16 mt power forward position, but the play is not very good, the audience only scored 3 points, the presence of 14 minutes the team lost by 17 points. In today’s game, coach Doc Rivers continue to test smaller lineup.

In the last paragraph of the first section, the Clippers sent Josh Pearce inside combination, while defensive end needs defense Hawes Pierce. Hawes first in Pierce’s head hit a three-pointer, followed by a nice fake Akira Pierce, stop hit in the cast. To the Section II, Pierce
2k16 mt points still have not found the feeling on the defensive end, he was in the corner Hawes fake Akira shooting, while the other did not hit, but Hawes in Pierce’s head off offensive rebounds. On the offensive end, Pierce and the team also somewhat out of tune. Eventually, within the power forward Paul Pierce hit six minutes, the Clippers lost 6 points.

Thereafter, the role of small forward Paul Pierce to return, and with the starting lineup, but he misplaced singles Kemba – Walker is not, in turn, pushed up against when rapid inrush of Zeller, the other side lost balance fell to the ground, the referee blew the foul was a technical foul. The second half, coach to continue using Pierce playing the power forward position, even though Pierce has been relatively adapted to the power forward position, not too many omissions appear at the defensive end, but the offensive side of Pierce spirit still seems unlikely, unless it is absolutely empty, or just As a simple series of characters. 0 5 0 vote, which is all of the data in this game Pierce. Admittedly, this is only the preseason, but he has repeatedly been used to suppress Hawes height, the 38-year-old Pierce to truly transition to power forward, really we need a lot of time to adapt.