3D simulation ski instrument landing in China

World-renowned sports brand Division Kaitai Si 3D simulation ski meter conference held in Beijing, the world’s first 3D motion simulation ski instrument landing in China.

Turin Winter Olympics men’s aerial freestyle skiing gold medalist Han Xiaopeng skill experience 3D motion simulation skiing instrument, and to use the experience to guide others. Han Xiaopeng said the Sochi Winter Olympics ski athletes have used sports many ski 3D simulation instrument training, especially in the snow-free period for professional players, the general public skiing training good. National Winter Games champion Zhang Yuxin, the National Alpine Skiing Championships women’s rotation champion Liu Jing, also attended the press conference and the test slide. According to reports, the Secretary Kaitai Si sports instrument to create a 3D simulation skiing ski training, ski training new model, the entering China, Secretary Kaitai Si practical action twenty-fourth bid for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games to refuel.