73 million! Real Madrid dug love Mike Mussina is the spare tire will be scared off Degea


Manchester United Real Madrid goalkeeper Degea trading has become increasingly close to completion, the message from the Spanish media, “Marca” If everything goes smoothly the fastest transaction Degea move to Real Madrid can be reached next week. But news from the “Telegraph” has some Secret Confidential, Real Madrid in the first goal of the goalkeeper signings Chelsea keeper Courtois, was rejected after the turn Degea purchase.

“Telegraph” said that in buying Degea before, Chelsea, Real Madrid have been in contact asking Buy Courtois possibilities. Real Madrid are willing to bid Courtois 3700 pounds of high prices, if the deal is, then, Courtois will be the history of the most expensive goalkeeper. But Chelsea strong performance, the Blues directly to Courtois price 73 million pounds, which is even tied the Bell then move to Real Madrid’s worth, this is clearly unacceptable Madrid, in the communication failed, Real Madrid give up Kool Figure Watts purchase Degea turn.

It is worth mentioning that Mourinho after Real Madrid when asked questions Buying Azar also expressed tough, 100 million can buy a leg of Adjara. “Telegraph” said Mourinho insisted that leaving the team’s best player is very important, in addition to Azar, Courtois will not sell, but the team is ready to continue the Yueyi Wan Norwich Mike Mussina hopes to maintain a stable lineup.

In fact, never worrying about Real Madrid to Chelsea poached Courtois. The Belgian goalkeeper just last September contract with the team for 5 years, 8 million pounds weekly. So Chelsea on transfer issues Courtois completely take the initiative, Courtois himself did not want to join Real Madrid will. In contrast, Manchester United in the Degea problem is not so lucky, because Degea next year left on his contract and rejected Manchester United out of the 20 million pounds of weekly contract, Manchester United in the transfer Degea and not much room for maneuver on the issue, which is the Real Madrid dare to buy cheap reason.