79 No. 1 man! Manchester United shocked the world demon king Henry worship service

Realistic version of a ball fame! Manchester United striker Marchal perfect debut at the Theatre of Dreams, in his first appearance for Manchester United’s match, use a formula 1V3 Henry goal shocked the world! In front of 70,000 fans at Old Trafford, personally break the door rivals Liverpool, no more than that of a self-introduction more cool!

If it is not known the total price of 80 million Euro this summer to buy the 19-year-old demon front, I am afraid that most people do not know who is Marshall. Wayne Rooney Manchester United captain even after the introduction of high-priced team that Marshall, also specifically asked to find his teammates Shinaidelin: “Who is Marshall?” The British media had also ironic Manchester United, said: “In the move last moment spent 80 million euros to buy a lottery ticket, it was a crazy gamble “with coach Louis van Gaal admits:.”! Marchal transfer worth very crazy. ”
Henry Marshall sync with God goal Henry and Marshall God synchronous goals

However, Manchester United and Liverpool’s double campaign Societies, the Red Devils this “lottery” absolute claim to hit the jackpot! Marshall came off the bench in the second half, a performance slightly nervous start in the first 15 minutes of play, he did not even touch the ball once. BBC said: “Marshall in the first show which was a little nervous, do not dare to take the initiative to catch.” But the voice I hear, Marchal will show their superior personal strength, he finished first in the 88th minute train The goal, almost a perfect copy of the Henry against Liverpool in the 2004 raid broke! Entire Old Trafford as if to greet the arrival of a new hero in general thoroughly boiling, and the fans should be excited than ever! Man of the Match after the game, scoring the BBC-sponsored poll among Marshall’s goal of 52% of the vote to beat this world wave Turk, was elected Man of the Match Goals! Perhaps the single from goal difficulty, the more difficult of the Turk, but tonight is the one that makes everyone Marshall shines spotlight.
Manchester United became the official poster Marchal Marchal lead Manchester United to become the protagonist of the official poster

British BBC exclaimed: “Can you tell me, this is certainly not Henry draped jersey Manchester United play it really is not??” “Sky Sports” also praised: “We might expect to Marshall’s first show will be a color, but who would not think of him in such a way to complete their first show, it was perfect, who says he is not worth £ 58 million? This price can buy Henry type of goal you? “” Every Japan Post “excitedly said:” amazing, almost exactly the same with Henry, especially the last goal of the way, as well as to break the rhythm of the time, he wanted to shock the world of the “” Guardian “also said:!” Marchal perfect debut, he let all the doubters shut up, Manchester United have a new king! ”
Old photo of the old Henry and Henry Marshall and Marshall’s photo

According to “Sky Sports”, a debut goal Marchal also hit a new record of 79 years. Since 1936 he became, the first complete debut against Liverpool and Manchester United player to score. In such an important goal among national derby, the protagonist of the aura comes on Marshall definitely considered. Henry also was the first show of Marshall’s worship service: “I am pleased Marchal, before many people still doubt whether he will speak English, but he only spoke with foot ball Marchal would have us believe it. He was so cool, I put this goal way call ‘freeze’ keeper, because he looked up again after goalkeeper shot, calm, and then the ball went into, he jumped at the chance to prove himself This is the way how cool self-introduction, ah! ”

After a stunning debut, Manchester United fans have been ready for the arrival of the new king! Of course, objectively speaking, a game can not fully explain all the problems, Marshall is still very young, he needed time to test and grow, but a good start is half the battle. Marshall has made a perfect start, he has begun shocked the world, and he was using his own practical action to prove himself worthy of the price. Given the current Rooney injury, but Manchester United this season, only two strikers Wayne Rooney and Marshall, the French teenager will certainly get more chance to prove himself, his future certainly is worth the wait.