9 understand this thing you learned this year rookie training camp

1. Carson – Wentz was born elementary school, but it was
mut coins sell clear his attitude is that of a former elite quarterback. The former University of North Dakota’s star player after leaving the rookie training camp, more sure of his position as the first two quarterbacks this year. NFL draft expert Mike – Mei Yueke on Wentz’s comments: he took part in the big four bowls to prove his position as the top college quarterback; and then participate in the rookie camp, showing the arm strength than anyone else neat. In addition he has good pace and athletic ability.

If I will certainly betting on him. big four bowls Wentz is the first test, so far minor league competitions where the University of North Dakota Missouri Valley Football League can match. He only took a week and the National Students’ star players in joint training, training opponents are Minnesota’s Eric – Murray, Oklahoma State – Kevin Peterson and so the star cornerback. Training camp is a completely different challenge: in this environment, competition in an indirect form. Here Wentz’s arms are full range of analysis, but his opponent is not a defensive player, but the other quarterback. Wentz next step: held March 26 at his alma mater Career Day activities. Wentz will do much testing and training remains to be considered, but for now, he does not need so eager to prove himself.

2. The current draft, a lot of defensive players to enhance their draft stock. Offence? Their performance in training camp to make the most of the team had to consider the budget vote in a free market. Lucas Oil Stadium four days of training camp has changed so many things, some of the little known before on defensive players to further improve their social status, such as Oklahoma State defensive end Emmanuel – Obama Ohio state gratified Darrow – Lee, Clemson defensive end Shaq – Lawson, Alabama linebacker Reggie – LaGrange, Florida bighorn guard Jay – Ramsey and the University of Georgia Levin Leonard – Floyd. Other defensive players had not known, but also enhance the possibility selected by the camp, such as the University of Houston cornerback William Jackson – BYU Bulong Sen – test fusidic.

3. The University of Mississippi offensive tackles La Limi –
cheap madden coins Tangxi Er decided to cancel part of the test project is very strange. Obviously this is not the previously calculated, because before the champion candidate also told reporters that they have to run 40 yards in this project achievements scored within five seconds. Even in his day training camp is the wording of I want to go to 4.8 or 4.9 seconds like.