A terrible thing! Manchester United, Real Madrid partnership abandon a star he really nobody wanted to kill?

Manchester United striker Hernandez is now caught up in embarrassment. Since the expiration of the lease contract with Real Madrid, a small pea will return to their home team Manchester United, Real Madrid has no intention to buy out Hernandez, but Van Gaal did not want him to stay at Manchester United. The former Premier kill God now reduced to the point where the two giants do not want to, how surprising.

Real Madrid last summer rented Hernandez, the Champions League quarter-finals, a small pea lore Atletico Madrid goal made him a hero. But objectively speaking, the talented Galacticos, given the opportunity to remain a handful of small peas. Real Madrid this season he played 33 games, almost all the squad, despite scoring nine goals, but not enough to move to Real Madrid to buy. Today lease contract expires, Hernandez will return Manchester United.

And even worse is that Manchester United have no intention to make a small pea left team. Van Gaal had talked about the future of small peas in an interview had said publicly before: “I have sent him away Does he went into a few balls in Madrid on different I do not think so.?.” Speech Among difficult to see, the Netherlands coach for Hernandez was not satisfied, meaning that the Mexican striker’s future once again putting a question mark.

“Daily Mirror” that will determine the basic small peas in the summer move away from Manchester United, Valencia, La Liga and the English Premier League Everton, West Ham are interested in him, after being abandoned by Real Madrid and Manchester United partnership, Transfers It may have become the only way out of a small pea.