AC Milan 0 Han giant sign behind a busy opening: people do not want to sign a sign ah

On transfer deadline day, AC Milan did not bring any surprises, Inter get Melo, Ljajic and Teles, Juventus and the introduction of Hernanes and teenager Le Mina, while the Rossoneri Just clean up the redundancies will Matri, Masituer and Zaccardo eleven shots. Today, Galliani did not need to sell the lawsuit, he acknowledged, I do not want to sign, really tried!

“Sky Sports” and “the market” given the news that AC Milan and Zenit St. Petersburg in the impasse, the transaction may be terminated. Since Milan in the summer has spent over 80 million euros, they can no longer be a one-time payment Witsel transfer fee, then the club made prior to the Zenit to € 3 million loan, if the season Witsel played for AC Milan up to 20 times, it will be forced to activate 22 million buyout clause. However, Zenit very strongly that they want no matter how many times Witsel able to play, in the transaction buyout clause must be added, because the players one year left on his contract, and will not be renewed, so they have to sell. Perhaps borrowed from Aquilani Zenit precedent, white people do not want the players to be free after a year away. 2011, AC Milan will come Aquilani on loan from Liverpool, in the contract included appearances in 25 games to reach 6 million buyout clause mandatory activation conditions, but ultimately Aquilani appearances was controlled at 24.5 times , little by little is also a lot, white with Milan players a year, will he return to Liverpool. Zenit obviously do not want to repeat the mistakes of Liverpool, preferring to stay with the team again Witsel wait half a year for fear of being white in Milan a year.

While AC Milan and Witsel and Zenit have contacted several months, but still in the transfer window closed last minute to give up, they can not accept Zenit conditions. Galliani also said afterwards: “We have worked hard to want to sign Witsel, but I know things would end this way.”

AC Milan midfielder first two rounds of the league’s performance can be described as appalling, coach Mihajlovic admits the team’s strikers are very strong, but not to support the midfield. Milan fans are eager to be able to sign midfielder buzzer reinforcements, had even called for extreme fans organization Galliani expelled from the San Siro, he said that the time to buy is not decisive, but it should not be the time to buy big spenders. Even the mouth curse lively, can still hopeful hearts, but Galliani once again let the fans down, and he is also very helpless, this is really best.