AC Milan again Ancelotti three days closeted 4’ll giants:! Go all out

Ancelotti with AC Milan has conducted a meeting, this is the fourth among the three days, even though the meeting lasted only one hour, but AC Milan’s Carlo Ancelotti eager willingness to return is clearly visible.

The meeting in Madrid Wellington Hotel, facing reporters, Ancelotti also look relaxed, “I’m very relaxed these days is the relax.” Meet the Press, Galliani also said, “We are doing their best, but now nothing finalized. “Then, Galliani also answered several questions of interest to the media,” Zhu Qi Man? I will not comment on the other team’s players, until he became the AC Milan player to say it, but he is not come, I really filled with questions – Mario? Soares wait, now we do not know what. ”

Prior Galliani has repeatedly stressed persuade Ancelotti will not give up return, but there is no real progress, according to the official news channel of AC Milan, Italy on Thursday, Beijing time tonight, the two sides will conduct another first meeting. Italian media said that Carlo Ancelotti’s decision will be made before Friday, because then he and his wife went on vacation.

For Jiushuai Ancelotti’s return, Berlusconi also full of expectations, of course, his position is currently no news can say. “Ancelotti agreed to return? Hope this is it,” Berlusconi said, “but now the news is nothing you can say.”