AC Milan will total 60 million after two players nod! Only the last obstacle


AC Milan two goals in the transfer market are Romagnoli and Witsel, currently two transactions have experienced the same problem, namely the player himself has nodded, but where the club but had not inclined to release.

Romagnoli is Mikhail Lowe Qiqin point favorite, both last season Sampdoria has worked. AC Milan has the quote raised to 18 million +200 million prize, but the money can not make the Roman club release. According to Italian media, Milan and Rome, the two clubs will meet next Tuesday formally, Milan will offer further increased by 200 million. Sky Taiwan reporters Marchetti believes this should be the highest offer made by the Romagnoli. Marchetti said: “This time on Romagnoli transfer speculation very hot, I think we should both sides should calm down.”

Romagnoli only 21 years old, last season Sampdoria’s performance can only be acceptable, Milan him to spend much of the fee is an adventure. The player himself has agreed to invite Milan Mihajlovic men because he may also be the main stay in Rome might not be.

Romagnoli Witsel situation with very similar terms Zenit’s asking price also reached 30 million, but Milan are willing to pay a maximum of only 22 million. In order to be more proactive in the negotiations, also released in Milan interested in buying Dortmund midfielder Gundogan news, in fact Milan to introduce Gundogan very realistic, just and Dortmund player to complete the contract, then there is Gundogan previously Bayern Munich, Barcelona and other teams spread over the sex scandal, according to media reports, Bayern Munich and Barcelona are paying Beijing Duo Ansuo to scare Milan obviously not gave him a bigger contract.

“Corriere dello Sport” exposed today Ibrahimovic Inter Milan also want to recall the news, this report also occupied the front pages of newspapers. Ibrahimovic himself recently accepted an interview with German media, Swede, said he has not decided to end his playing career in which, if you want to come to the Bundesliga, it will only consider Bayern Munich.

According to Italian media reports, the Milan goalkeeper Aga Qi received an invitation from Toulouse and Malaga; Verona and Empoli hope to get together Alberta. Not long ago that the two Milan future plans, if nothing unexpected transfer procedures will be completed soon.