After the European Cup or farewell Conti became national team coach Piero alternative

After the 3-1 win over Azerbaijan, ahead of the Italian team reached the European Cup race, but that does not mean Keweiqianuo base calm. mediaset said it recently Taverna Fazio Taking a propaganda content, Conti seems to have been determined to bid farewell to the Azzurri in the European Cup, which means that the Football Association had intended to start looking for the national team job to his successor. Now look, Zaccheroni, Dibiyaqiao and Spalletti, is the most popular three candidates.

Juve coach Conti impressive period, led the Bianconeri to achieve brilliant achievement Serie A 3-peat. 2014 summer, Conti suddenly resigned from Juve, then under the new master backed by the Italian Football Federation, took the helm of the Italian team. Despite the short time, the task is heavy, and the lack of local talent and other unfavorable factors, but Conn blue army still does not live on Sunday, 3-1 win over Azerbaijan to accumulate 21 points ahead of qualifying from Group H scores, advance French European Cup.

But Conti’s go and stay, the Italian Football Federation is still eager to figure out the problem. Former Juventus coach led outstanding abilities, was the favorite of several European despots who had reason to take over the Italian team, and individual needs and adjust the state does not receive appropriate offer, and therefore Conti although monopolize power GuoZiHao team heart, but the desire to coach the club. “Mingle with the players every day, is my favorite way of working,” sufficient to show some attitude, he coached Italian teams, only a temporary solution in terms of Conti.

Italian Football Association, the hope for a long time in charge of the Azzurri Conti, repeatedly and openly support the national team coach is not that also ready ahead of the new contract expires in 2018, trying to let it led the World Cup played in Russia . We foot heart boss, Conti did not appreciate, against Azerbaijan tactfully declined to renew the proposal on the eve of Fazio’s Taverna:. “We did not qualify it, it is clearly too early to talk about the renewal of the” Carter, Milan and related Rome ready in the European Cup poaching Conti news spread quickly on the mainstream media off.