Ahly striker World Cup staged Luckiest Man

Russia World Cup Asian qualifying round rematch in Group A, the UAE team to 8-0 score bloodbath home underdog East Timor, Hengda AFC opponent in the final captain Ahmed Khalifa Le Zhuangtaiqijia staged Luckiest Man, for the upcoming AFC Champions League final, second leg to take a hot body. First leg away against East Timor, 1-0 win over the United Arab Emirates only. The battles home games, the lack of players headed the UAE, ‘Gulf Macy,’ Omar, but their captain Khalil has assumed the offensive responsibility, became the field’s brightest stars.

The first half, 43 minutes, he reached his first goal of the game, will expand the score 3-0. The second half, scoring Khalil gained momentum, the first 53, 56 and 57 minutes, Khalil in just five minutes connected to the 3 ball, the completion of the individual Luckiest Man of the match, showing excellent personal status. With four goals in the game, Khalil jumped to the top 40 finals scorer, currently he scored nine goals. Ranked second in the Saudi striker scored eight goals Sacher Ravi, after Yang is into the 7 ball and scoring 6 goals in the big treasure, et al. It is worth mentioning that, according to previous information, Khalil together with Hengda captain Zheng Zhi was named
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Football in Asia this year, the final list of three candidates to the fiery state Khalil current point of view, Hengda defense In the second round of the game we need him more prevention. In addition to Khalil, the UAE national team squad and five Mingeheli players, midfielder and winger Hasan Hammadi were starting lineup, but both were replaced midway, another name法尔丹 midfielder came off the bench at halftime, and Heikal AFC Champions League final first leg sent off and the game is now excellent goalkeeper Mahmoud did not play. November 17, UAE Malaysia expedition away, after attending the game, the team’s striker Ahly club will take a private plane to provide them with non-stop Guangzhou from Kuala Lumpur to attend next weekend with Hengda AFC Champions League final, second leg match.