All-Star Kobe Bryant audience rose to pay tribute

Toronto All-Star Game before the start, the audience played two consecutive video tribute to Bryant. Subsequently, Bryant took center court and speak in front of fans in the audience.

“I want to win. When you win, you do not want to let it slip away. You want to keep winning.” Bryant said in the second paragraph of the video, “but I know that this day (say goodbye to the stadium) Final It will come. ”

At the same time, a number of players for the NBA All-Star Kobe Bryant sent Message and Blessing In this video. After the video finished playing, Bryant took to court and speak in front of the fans in the audience.

“Thank you for supporting me for so many years. I am very fortunate to be able to play the game I love, and I’m in this league for more than half my age.” Bryant said in his speech, “I am pleased to have the opportunity these young players to play with All-Stars, and they talk about the game and share my understanding of basketball. thank you, I’m going to warm up a little longer. ”

This is Bryant’s career 18-time NBA All-Star, but also his last All-Star. So this time All-Star is the theme – Kobe Bryant.

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