America’s Cup is not the first big heat Baa Macy king have to ask them


Pitched battle since the America’s Cup, the state is not the best team in Argentina and Brazil. He worked hard to eliminate Uruguay, Chile team dressed in red like flames in general, on the South American continent enjoy the burn. Experienced defending champion after the test, mulberry insurance rates collar America’s Cup team has become the number one favorites.

Group stage Score few, the Chilean team was banging in 10 goals this figure and the total number of goals Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay three fairly strong. Vidal has, Sanchez and other players of the Chilean team is extremely imaginative style, beating Spain 2-0 World Cup last year, a battle is impressive. Isla assists the team right back is very large, often go to other restricted areas, the field is what he completed a decisive goal. Arun Kyrgyz team midfielder and Diaz also has the power to send two Titans, the ability to both ends are very good.

The game against Uruguay is undoubtedly a major problem of the Chilean team: They have poured in three consecutive America’s Cup first knockout round, while Uruguay’s defense quite tough, frenzied attack of the Chilean team will be greatly inhibited. Atletico Madrid midfielder before Godin said:. “As the host, the pressure in the Chilean side,” match, the team appeared a lot of mistakes, often before the market advance was tough Uruguayan blocking, Sanchez and Vargas in Ge Ding not discuss in front of what is cheap. Delay in opening the deadlock, the court strong smell of gunpowder, the game increasingly towards the Uruguayan like spared from war direction.

Valdivia stood out at this time, he calmly found the ball in front of the penalty area Isla, who succeeded volley. The connection Vidal Sanchez two key generals and commanders, also assists 3 assists ranked the top position. Tall enough defense after Chile flawed, but Barcelona goalkeeper Bravo make Chile more solid defense. He not only firmly off the golf, but also often out of the box among his teammates involved in the transfer.

As the tournament host, the Chilean team on the schedule also accounted for a small advantage. Group stage, Argentina and Brazil face Uruguay and Colombia, respectively. The Chilean team in the same group with Ecuador and Bolivia, two teams from the plateau, and a lot of the main did not come to Mexico. On knockout settings, group B and group C first in a half region. That is, if Argentina and Brazil, respectively, to win the group, forcing the two to meet in the semifinals. Today Colombia also fall in the bottom half, the Chilean team in the semi-final opponents only winner between Bolivia and Peru.

Currently sitting scorer and assists, as well as countless threats can create a “thigh” Sanchez, the Chilean team does have a lot of hope into the finals and the championship. Macy If you want to end title drought in Argentina in the contest, even from the bottom half of the bloody breakout success, had to ask the host answers do not agree.