Barca chiefs insisted that one person is not for sale Bayern Manchester City y’all forget it


Barcelona Young defender Baltra future remains suspended without bureau, failure to reach agreement in a few appearances, his buyout cost plummeted, attracted so many giants salivating. Sporting director Braida responsible for the transfer transaction to Barcelona fans reassurance, he said Baltra will not leave Barcelona, ​​he is not for sale.

Baltra 2 years to complete the contract with Barcelona this season, Enrique men, he rarely had the opportunity to play. Because far failed to reach agreement stipulated in 50 games playing time, the penalty is automatically reduced to 50 million euros from 12 million euros of “cabbage price”, many teams including Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Tottenham and Porto, including all he is very interested.

According to “Daily Sports Daily” reported, Braida clear: “Baltra is not for sale, I do not know in the end there is no negotiating going on, but I knew he would not leave Barcelona Baltra is a talented player. Of course there are a lot of teams want him, but Barcelona will not sell. “While this statement is not entirely believe, but at least express the present attitude of the Barcelona club – they want to be able to retain live Baltra.

“Daily Sport newspaper,” also revealed Baltra buyout cost only temporarily reduced to 12 million euros, until July 1, the amount will be changed back to 50 million, so Baltra need to make their own as soon as possible Choose. Reported that there are five parts to foreign team contract placed on Baltra table, he can choose any one of them, or choose to stay in Barcelona.