Barcelona Confidential exposure amazing! Ibrahimovic hit Guardiola to violence


One is one of the most talented players in the world, one is known in the world of super marshal, Ibrahimovic and Guardiola failed to become friends, on the contrary, two of the “blood feud” is obvious. Ibrahimovic has not only on several occasions openly curse Guardiola, the former Barcelona, ​​according to the latest revelations of the Lord 席巴托梅乌, he once even intend to melon handsome hands.

According to “Marca” message, at a local meeting in Barcelona, ​​the former Barcelona president, chairman candidate Bartomeu speech, he revealed more details between Ibrahimovic and Guardiola: “Ibrahimovic agent Layiaola once told me that one day he was going to say Ibrahimovic Guardiola meal storm hit. “It is worth mentioning that Guardiola has just recently announced support for the campaign Barcelona president Joan Laporta.

In addition, Layiaola also Boge Ba broker, Barcelona now keen to get the Juve midfield. Bartomeu in a subsequent speech declared: “My team have now finalized a move, but I can not tell you who he is, but he was named the coaching staff wanted to get a midfielder. As long as I can be elected President, the deal will be OK. “