Barcelona crown stability of the fourth? 3 general food poisoning difficult battle rival European Super Cup

Beijing on August 12 morning, Barcelona will be the team’s four-time winner on the honor attack, red and blue army will confront the same as the Spanish team Sevilla in the European Super Cup.

Barcelona had three goals in Gamber Cup victory in Rome, Messi and Neymar has scored two players were booked, state of the team is quite good. The situation is not so optimistic Seville, according to the Spanish “El Pais” said Sevilla three generals food poisoning case, whether in the European Super Cup debut is still unknown.

“El Pais” that cause food poisoning three players, the array may be in Seville, several French players, held the family party caused the accident. Originally, this is just a simple party, but perhaps some food spoilage, leading Lamy, Colonia and ex were together three collective food poisoning cases occur. Currently, three players also need to accept further examination to determine exactly what causes food poisoning.

It is reported that three players