Barcelona general broke the news: Guardiola want to play the World Cup with Brazil but is rejected


Although the Brazilian Football Association had considered hiring Guardiola it is not news, but Barcelona’s Brazilian right-back Daniel Alves in an ESPN interview, it was revealed more details about.

Alves said: “Maybe my mouth a little more, but that it was what I did not lie – Brazil World Cup before Brazil coach Guardiola wants.” Alves said the reason why the Brazilian Football Association ultimately did not hire melon Dior pull, because the Brazilian Football Association rejected all non-Brazilian coach.

“Guardiola hopes to lead the Brazilian team won the World Cup, he has made sufficient for this research. But they (CBF layer) on the pretext that Pep does not know how to react to the national team, did not accept the world’s most good coach, the coach can make us better, that they do not care about the national team. “Alves said.

Alves praised Guardiola added: “Guardiola is the best coach in the world, he can well manage the locker room, to make football a revolutionary change the fact that we have the opportunity to not spend a penny. introduction Pape, Pape was meant to get high-level look at the case before the results of the remuneration, but they let such an opportunity slip away. This proves that they did not consider the case of the national team. ”

In December 2012, after de Menezes school, Guardiola indeed produced a correlation with the Brazilian Football Confederation. Then it was, “Lance sports daily,” said Guardiola, sources close to the newspaper, said, “Right now, Guardiola’s team is the only thing that would take over the Brazilian national team. If he became Brazil’s main coach, he will win the World Cup led. ”

Guardiola led Brazil to participate in the local World Cup full of hope, when ESPN survey shows that in the national team coach candidates questions, Guardiola won the absolute support of the Brazilian fans, the former Barcelona Marshal gained 42% vote, far ahead of other competitors, ranked second Scolari support rate was only 17%. Gaming companies out of the odds on this Guardiola also expressed optimistic about his odds have dropped to very low White.

Later, a member of Brazil’s World Cup organizing committee Ronaldo, when asked whether the rejection of CBF’s foreign coach issue, it seems something of great significance, “said the Brazilian native also has a lot of good coaches, but Guardiola is the best in the world. coach. “But in the end did not get the opportunity to coach Guardiola Brazilian national team.