Baseball, by the popularity of the nation’s war of national sport(1)

Like baseball since the most asked question is “Are you still keep playing” or “you are playing or running.” Under the first unified answer, play, run, and keep. Swing the ball and ran away can be neglected, of course, most waste or brain.

Do not understand baseball also heard MLB (Major League Baseball America), right? Koshien domestic sports fans cold a little high points, eight later.

Each sport has its own alliance Slogan, a slogan NBA in the 1990s launched “ILove This Game”, today, very straightforward sentence in English and Joe Great God tongue rod stamp countless Chinese still accurate after 70 punctal after 80.

MLB also has a similar Slogan, see the beauty of baseball at the age of just through the network, I heard these words: “I Live For This”.

Love: love, love; Live: survival and life. We all feel down.

So the question is, from the 1845 birth of the first of the competition rules of baseball, but now nearly 170 years, long time, Americans why has this not-so-sport baseball violent love so deep?

· Pure athletic attributes

First, baseball body condition do not ask, do not have too much body collision, young and old, tall, short, fat, thin, as long as the basic athletic ability, can play baseball. (Anyway, my teammates will not because I do not run into 16 seconds one hundred meters, 1500 meters were falling around me not to play with)

Secondly, baseball rules are very complicated, complex and to what extent? If the rules of baseball that he is second in the world is difficult, I think there is no ball games say he was the first (satisfied to argue, not figuring Paizhuan). Many decades-old baseball ball er, do not say he can break all the situation, make the right judgments, in some ways that baseball is an intellectual exercise. There have been various professional organizations in professional sports in the United States survey, concluded that baseball players the highest IQ.