Baseball, by the popularity of the nation’s war of national sport(2)

An easy one hard, just created a charming “black hole”, the threshold (physical condition and quality) is very low, but the game less there are dozens of situations to deal with, your brain enough? Turn too quickly? Logical capacity is strong enough it? In China, the popularity of baseball’s most productive people are college students, in reaction speed and analysis capabilities best golden period of life, a lot of contact with the school tyrants “Mind Game”, then let them go.

· Baseball is the oldest professional sports in the United States to carry out

The first baseball league was established in 1871, completed in 1902, the Alliance framework, which is now the MLB. American Football League was founded in 1920, two years later changed its name to today’s NFL. National Hockey League

(NHL) 1917 was established, and the first to be familiar with Chinese audiences The NBA, founded in 1946, was called BAA, the predecessor of the NBA.

Baseball become America’s national sport, is inseparable from the history and politics

Books received earlier, in 1845 the first of the competition rules of baseball was born, to 1861, the most famous in American history Civil War broke out, young people wearing gray and navy blue uniforms rushed to the battlefield, at the same time, they also bring a ball and During the rod (note that this is not a weapons shipment!) war, soldiers use the war to build the stadium leisure, play.

A soldier writing home to: “After a skirmish, we playing baseball in the vicinity of the front, it was suddenly distant shot, three outfielders (Editor’s Note: defensive position furthest away from home plate) was ambushed, and foreign fielder was captured, the other two returned to the camp. When repel attack after the other, we have not only lost that were outfielders, and lost only one baseball we’re here. “(What a sad story )

Some people ask, baseball is not large, with a few small why? No high-ranking officers to pound the table said, “so many people hit a ball doing, give them each made a basket!” Ah this is not the eggs …… Keke, carefully explain, a regular baseball In that era, but a rarity, not everyone has.