Beckham Manchester United fans love C Luo acquired efforts of his achievements David Beckham and Zinedine Zidane

By the organizations held a charity game at Old Trafford. Many former football star full debut, the game finally broke Scholes Beckham assists to help the British star team 3-1 victory over world star team. After the game, the Red Devils legend on the 7th in an interview, another former Red Devils –C Romania is expected to return to Old Trafford before they retired.

Meanwhile, Beckham called C Lo acquired through the efforts to make it impressive. ‘I have been saying, the fans love him.’ Beckham said after the game in charity. ‘C Luo he is not just a genius, he is also a very hard player. People admire him that.’ ‘When he just came to Manchester United when he encountered some voices of doubt, but not from the Manchester United fans, but his style of play is so special and unique, and he worked very hard, and this gives a lot of people surprised, but this effort also created his special.

He spent at Manchester United some successful and long time. After he went to Madrid, another of the world’s largest club, I think he is enjoying the time there, but the next thing is always very hard to say, you do not know what the future will happen some What. ‘(send)