Beijing Thermal Power CCTV Hockey Buzz

After two days of fierce fighting, ice hockey world championships yesterday entered the first Armistice Day, Capital Gymnasium individual ice fans still lingered, looking forward to seeing the players figure, which seems reminiscent of the 1981 Ice Hockey World Championship Group C match at Beijing held a grand time. CCTV is also rare on this popular item of all Chinese team’s game was produced and packaged on-site coverage.
1981, ice hockey World Championship Group C match, held in Beijing, capital of stadium spectators overflowing, “rejuvenating China” slogan is the era of strong sound Beijing university students during the contest issued. That hockey game was able to become a historical event, not only because of the reform and opening coincides with the background, but also with the popularity of hockey was in Beijing and influence relevant. The passage of time, the popularity of hockey in Beijing is not inferior to the Northeast. Last year’s national junior tournament, Beijing team on the pressure over the Northeast team limelight. But this situation is rather special, Beijing vast majority of these children are well-off family, it is a lot of parents have overseas education background, they let the children play just to keep fit. Even so, let Beijing set off a wave of hockey fever, two nights when the Chinese team game, not only numerous audience, but also a lot of parents with a child dressed in hockey uniforms figure. Reporters asked one of the children, usually will watch hockey game? Children, said: “Yes, the domestic game is relatively small, especially in the scene, so this is a chance to make money, usually the main event is to look through the TV channels 5+ Hockey League (NHL).”

The game broadcast live CCTV5 + Chinese team five games, in addition to the television public signal production, but also set the scene commentary, interoffice unilateral reports, at the same time shooting the documentary, which is CCTV5 + first large-scale organized ice hockey in the country Race-site production and coverage.