Being shutout! ‘Power forward’ Pierce 5 shots off the hook hanging iron score zero

Clippers and Hornets meet again in the Chinese race, the results
nba mt coins of more than 71 113 Clippers lost the game. In the game, the Clippers veteran Paul Pierce was the top to the power forward position, but he is clearly not adapt, the audience only scored 5 0 vote hanging eggs, defensive end is still Hawes hook. Yesterday, the veteran Pierce just after his 38 birthday. This veteran joined the Clippers this season, the goal is obviously another one championship ring. In the last game against the Hornets Chinese race, Pierce was playing the
nba 2k16 mt power forward position, but the play is not very good, the audience only scored 3 points, the presence of 14 minutes the team lost by 17 points. In today’s game, coach Doc Rivers continue to test smaller lineup.

In the last paragraph of the first section, the Clippers sent Josh Pearce inside combination, while defensive end needs defense Hawes Pierce. Hawes first in Pierce’s head hit a three-pointer, followed by a nice fake Akira Pierce, stop hit in the cast. To the Section II, Pierce
2k16 mt points still have not found the feeling on the defensive end, he was in the corner Hawes fake Akira shooting, while the other did not hit, but Hawes in Pierce’s head off offensive rebounds. On the offensive end, Pierce and the team also somewhat out of tune. Eventually, within the power forward Paul Pierce hit six minutes, the Clippers lost 6 points.

Thereafter, the role of small forward Paul Pierce to return, and with the starting lineup, but he misplaced singles Kemba – Walker is not, in turn, pushed up against when rapid inrush of Zeller, the other side lost balance fell to the ground, the referee blew the foul was a technical foul. The second half, coach to continue using Pierce playing the power forward position, even though Pierce has been relatively adapted to the power forward position, not too many omissions appear at the defensive end, but the offensive side of Pierce spirit still seems unlikely, unless it is absolutely empty, or just As a simple series of characters. 0 5 0 vote, which is all of the data in this game Pierce. Admittedly, this is only the preseason, but he has repeatedly been used to suppress Hawes height, the 38-year-old Pierce to truly transition to power forward, really we need a lot of time to adapt.