Bennett first battle former team beat 10 + 8 III champion they strive to meet

NBA preseason game between the Raptors and again today in Minnesota expand, facing his former club, just before joining the Raptors draft pick Anthony – Bennett played well, in 22 minutes playing time, hitting three three-pointers, got 10 points and eight rebounds. Expensive for the 2013 draft pick, Bennett not only did not get proper treatment draft pick, more often, he was severely criticized by the media and fans. After trading as Tim head Loew sent the Timberwolves, the team did not give him too many chances, Bennett appeared only as a fourth or fifth choice striker, just like chicken. Shortly after taking over from Minnesota gave him placed on the shelf, but unfortunately the nominal wages are too high draft pick, has been unable traded.

So the Wolves in the summer and his final consultation buyout. Bennett also became the first in the history of the league rookie contract was not completed layoffs draft pick. Freed behind Bennett select salary only child joined the Canadian team Raptors hope rally in his hometown. At least in Toronto Bennett get more time, the battle with former club Wolves Bennett race, he won the first opportunity. Standing inside combination Bennett opposite veteran Kevin Garnett and this year’s draft pick Anthony – Downs. Although there are draft pick, it is quite different. Fortunately, Bennett quickly find a place in a more open system in Toronto, the Raptors put on ice for the last game of this three
website Lori 40 points, with team-mate Joseph Bennett as a starter, which makes Bennett more at ease. Opening it soared in the third, and assists Joseph also succeeded outside. Bennett is between the range of movement between the three Fours to create their own a lot of air when the outside can also be used as a coordinate point.

After winning three consecutive rebounds, Bennett appeared again at the end of the second quarter, two shots Biao shot within half a minute, all the hits! Relying on three three-pointers, Bennett scored nine points halftime. Section Bennett continued starter, occasionally simultaneously growing for another draft pick Wiggins, he does not strive: the two rival steals each one back. Bennett then attacking the basket cause
nba mt points Garnett foul, two free throws to complete the scoring in double figures. However, after once again storm Bennett creating free throws, but missed two free throws all, then it was replaced, never played. But 22 minutes 10 points and eight rebounds in the data quite well, eight rebounds, also the highest audience. But beyond the third of 4 3 4 1 penalty a little embarrassed.

Opposite Wiggins shot 3 of 10 scored 11 points, Downes 20 minutes 12 points and 6 rebounds. Three champion of the competition, it
nba 2k16 my team would not strive Bennett. Although the preseason does not count too, but a few games down, at least Bennett be found a better sense of presence than the previous two teams, and his enthusiasm for the game is also significantly better than the previous three years. ‘Parallel champion’ at least until the play worth, always will be linked to a label on him, but Bennett also only 22 years old, if the sense of shame and then courage, leaving him to grow, but also plenty opportunities to counter-attack.