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National Hockey League NHL playoff games compete for a total of 4, Tampa Bay Lightning a 5-2 victory over the Detroit Red Wings, St. Louis Blues 2-3 loss to the Chicago Blackhawks, Florida Panthers 3 to 1 victory over the New York Islanders, Anna Anaheim ducks 2-3 loss to the Nashville predators.

Tampa Bay Lightning (2) 5 to 2 Detroit Red Wings (0)

Section competition,
hut coins buy the Lightning team won 3 to 5 play opportunities Kucherov volley to break, to rewrite the score 1-0, after entering the second quarter, the Red Wings Larkin frontcourt attack succeeded, the score, followed by Boyle lightning team will rewrite the score counter in 2 to 1. The third quarter, the Red Wings team to play little more than check Beardsley chance to level the score again, but Johnson Lightning team in the next game with two goals, to rewrite the score 4 to 2, the last time the Red Wings team give up goalkeeper, lightning team Jiluo En fight Buddhism succeeded, the score locked at 5 to 2, and will expand the total score 2-0.

St. Louis Blues (1) 2 to 3 Chicago Blackhawks (1)

II competition, the Blues team after Qianchangduanqiu Tara Sunoco scored a goal, and then just lifted back Blackhawks Keith long-range goal to tie it at 1 to 1 level. The third quarter, the Blues team Tara Sunoco second goal, but the Blackhawks challenge the final decision finds Blues team
buy hut coins offside, the goal is invalid, followed by Shaw Blackhawks scored a goal in a melee in front of Blues team challenge failed, Blackhawks 2 to 1 lead. Blues team goalkeeper then give up a desperate fight air Blackhawks Pana Lin goalkeeper expand the score 3 to 1, although the Blues team at the last moment by the Cork Schatten pulled one back, but still Nanzu Blackhawks 3 to 2 win, The total score of the two teams also battle into 1 to 1 level.