Blizzard reveals new Overwatch and World of Warcraft 7.3 NEWS at Gamescom 2017

OVERWATCH fans will likely be in a position to watch a brand new animate brief later tonight, as Blizzard reveals extra about Hearthstone, World of Warcraft and Diablo 3. Buy wow gold online.

Even though there have been no large surprises from Blizzard, the enterprise did share new info around the significant Shadows of Argus World of Warcraft patch.

“The journey to Argus starts within the Exodar. Velen is gathering allies to join him on a journey most perilous aboard a new ship called the Vindicaar. As soon as on Argus, adventurers progress by way of a series of story chapters in three new regions,” Blizzard explains.

“Each week, new components with the story on Argus come to be out there, telling the tale of what was, what exactly is, and what may be.”

Week 1: Commence the invasion of Argus and embark on an epic storyline starting in Krokuun. Team up with all the Army of your Light and take the fight for the really heart of the Legion within the Antoran Wastes. Get access to new World Quests and Emissaries on Argus.
Week 2: Finish the story of Krokuun and travel to the ruined draenei city of MacAree. Obtain access to Invasion Points and thwart the Burning Legion’s plans on other worlds. Additional World Quests in MacAree are offered in addition to access to Invasion Points.
Week 3: Finish the Shadows of Argus storyline, unlock all World Quests, and venture into the new dungeon, the Seat of your Triumvirate. Activate your Netherlight Crucible around the Vindicaar to start forging Relics.
It was also confirmed that Patch 7.3: Shadows of Argus would have an August 29 release date.

There was also a brand new Overwatch animated brief revealed by Blizzard. Check out( the gallery beneath for additional information and facts.