Borussia announced positive interim coach Schubert

Yesterday, the Bundesliga club announced proxy Borussia coach Schubert positive, he will become the official coach of the club. In this start to the season, Borussia poor record, suffered a five-game losing streak, coach Favre also resigned after the team let the U23 team coach Schubert interim receiver, but in the meantime he led the team to play a Wave 6-game winning streak, Borussia from the start of the standings the last one up to No.

His outstanding performance has been recognized by the club and the player. Schubert said: ‘I do not know exactly when the club is as long-term intention to let me coach, I did not foresee that he can one day become the Bundesliga team coach, I think, in the past few weeks, we realized,. we are very suitable to each other, we often exchange views with each other, how to improve the team, how you want to kick the football. My coaching point of view consistent with the club’s philosophy. ‘According to the contract signed with the club, will be in charge of Schubert team until June 2017.