Brazil and Argentina players before the moment of silence for the victims in Paris

Paris was a serious case of terrorist attacks, which resulted from the terrorist attacks in people were killed, so shortly thereafter, Brazil and Argentina before the World Cup qualifiers start, the scene of the players and the audience together with the loss of life in terrorist attacks in France The victims were mourning ceremony. Terrorist attacks in Paris occurred, shocked the world.

It is reported that many people on the streets of Paris, France-based holding AK automatic rifle fire against the crowd, causing many casualties. Argentina and Brazil, before the game also
click here learned the news. Therefore, before the start of this World Cup, the first player to play both sides are standing their position, one minute silent vigil for terrorist attacks in Paris, people were mourning the loss of life. In this one-minute period of time, whether it is big like Neymar, William, Dima Elijah, or the like Lima such as too many people are not well-known players, their hearts are now silently in Paris pray.

And at the end of the mourning ceremony, the audience is also very touching to send the applause, these applause, not only dedicated to the presence of the player’s love, it is far away in Paris dedicated to the people of Europe. Final game, a 1-1 draw at home to Argentina, Brazil. (Xiaoming)