British media Blues return several players called on Didier Drogba Blue Bridge

According to ‘The Sun’ message, more than the Chelsea first team players called
fifa 17 coins on the club to recall far in the US Major League Drogba, they believe poor record this season and Drogba’s departure to some extent. Many years of playing Drogba at Stamford Bridge, the Blues in recent years is a brilliant record in absolute hero. He is also popular in the locker room last season, the team is well unite people. On the occasion of dangers, captains the Blues are hoping the Ivorian people be able to come back again, to turn the tide. Drogba to leave Stamford Bridge this summer, once again, went to the United States major league team in Montreal, he came out for the
fut 17 coins team and scored 11 goals.

It is worth mentioning that the United States Major League season is over, to January when Drogba and Montreal’s contract expires. An insider told The Sun Blues: ‘Drogba always people that inspire the team.’ ‘He can speak three or four languages, and team players of all nationalities get along very well’. ‘ He helped the team win the 2012 Champions League, as his teammates to bring the Champions League medal.

Several players talked, how much they miss Drogba, if he can return to the training ground to rekindle the passion years that nice ah. ‘Mourinho last week in an interview ruled out Drogba back. The Portuguese said: ‘You want me to take the Premier League and the American League compare it?’ ‘Drogba will always be able to contribute to the club, he loves the players, the players love him, and this no doubt. But he will be back? will not. ‘(heater)