Broncos linebacker Von to – use Miller franchise player tag

Von – Miller (Von Miller) because of its
mut coins sell excellent performance and can not become a free agent. That’s why he gave the Denver Broncos on Tuesday marked the exclusive franchise player tag. Feng designated to become our franchise tag players give us
NFL 16 Coins time to continue to negotiate a long, Broncos general manager – John Elway (John Elway) said in a statement. We and von representatives have conducted fruitful exchanges, we will continue these discussions, the goal is to ensure a long time to stay in Frederick Broncos in the future.

Price exclusive franchise player tag than traditional franchise player tag. No team can sign Miller, his salary will not be less than the league average salary linebacker position five highest-paid players. Miller is the first since 2007, was marked by a non-exclusive franchise player tag quarterback player. NFL official website reporter Ian – Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported Tuesday the Broncos signed to a long effort and Miller. Any contract is considered to be more than Justin – Houston (Justin Houston) last year signed a contract worth $ 101 million, but the two sides have not yet close to reaching agreement.

Broncos do not want to use the franchise player tag on Miller. They want the freedom to renew other important players, such as Malik – Jackson (Malik Jackson) and Bullock – Oscar Wheeler (Brock Osweiler), they are still waiting for Peyton – Manning (Peyton Manning) possible retirement decision. But given the track record Elvey, Miller should get to feel optimistic about. Left tackle Ryan – Crediton (Ryan Clady), kicker Matt – Pratt (Matt Prater) and wide receiver Dema Reese – Thomas (Demaryius Thomas) each signed long after the marked label. In the NFL, the best players rarely change teams, Miller should be in the selection of his team spend their peak career.