Busy Saturday night to accompany his son to see the big ice hockey(2)

We came back with Andy to Datonghua and Costco to buy next week’s home in Datonghua to try to eat a shrimp burger Andy, Andy loves to eat, it can be said that Andy eat them first. In Costco let Andy try to eat cooked green beans, Andy is also good to eat.

We go on the road and on the way home, Andy drank a can of fruit each mud, drank more than 200 ml of water, the performance is very good. Home, accompanied Andy play for a while, I would accompany his son to see a big hockey game.

Ticketing system donated two tickets, and today is the Vancouver Canucks for the Edmonton Oilers. Division is located in Vancouver, the Vancouver Canucks are now ranked second. But Vancouver ranked sixth in the entire Western Conference, has entered into the playoffs, and the Edmonton Oilers at the bottom of the division, so today’s game everyone thinks will win the Vancouver team.

The results did not think the game is intense, the first team the Vancouver Canucks was the Edmonton Oilers scored two goals, the Vancouver team to fight back, but never lead. When hit the third quarter, the Vancouver team to 5: 3 behind. Vancouver team effort to do this ball is very dangerous.

Obviously, to the third quarter, the Vancouver Canucks golf is very fierce, the audience is very enthusiastic cheers. We shouted slogans called “Go Canucks Go”, Canucks Canucks is meant.

Towards the end of the third quarter when, Canucks and Edmonton Oilers played became 5: 5 level, so the two sides into extra time, extra time is five minutes, with each reduced by one player, the game is sudden death match, whoever scored whoever won. Vancouver team results in less than 2 minutes to put the ball into the win, the Vancouver team with 6: 5 won the Edmonton team.

Team in the division in Vancouver, the Vancouver team is currently second, while Edmonton team in its division is the bottom of the stands to reason that this ball is no suspense, labeled as such but also to the fans pinch to sweat .

However, the Vancouver team was finally able to win the game, the fans are very happy. Segment of the latter half of the regular season, the Vancouver team’s performance is still quite good. Summer playoffs begin from June.

Today, watching the game at home, has 10 points, Andy already asleep, I was practicing the swing and space to play.

Andy playground

High-end atmosphere on the grade of middle school pointgrey

This is a primary school playground maple

Vancouver public school playground incomparable.

Weekend morning streets

Near the railway had been abandoned recently, it seems to be re-enabled.

Vancouver Canucks 6: 5 victory over the Edmonton Oilers.

NHL Preseason Hockey League, Vancouver Canucks 6: 5 victory over the Edmonton Oilers.