C Lo I have considered the effectiveness of landing MLS year

Recently about the Real Madrid star C Lo masters will leave the team at the end of the season can be described as endless rumors, including potential next home is French giants Paris St Germain and his former club Manchester United. But when he recently said in an interview that he considered the past year, the US Major League potency. Despite his agent Mendes just audible, said the Portuguese star will end his career at Real Madrid career. ‘I did not close the access door to any league in the world.

C Luo said in an interview with a British magazine interview. ‘But I did consider the effectiveness of the United States over the past year, after I have repeatedly said that there might go there to play.’ At the same time, C Luo also mentioned his old club Manchester United, he said that Sir Alex Ferguson and his former teammates creating their own today. ‘Sir Alex Ferguson to me as my own children generally.’ C Lo continued. ‘There I experienced many unforgettable moments. Now, I still kept in touch with Ferdinand, Nani, Anderson, Vidic, Evra and the team is currently assistant Ryan Giggs et al.

For Manchester United, I have . with
fifaultimateteams wonderful memories ‘For fans of the Premier League, C Luo also expressed their views:’ Their performance was incredible to me personally, some of them are the world’s greatest fans. They are always very polite, very respect you, and has given you the power, I love them. ‘(send)