C Lo I have no problem with Macy This is the story of the media series

Real Madrid star C Lo recently interviewed Talksport, he praised his biggest rival Macy. Since the two began seven years ago while chasing the world’s best players to compete for starting, on the relationship between the two has become a hot topic. Although the two skills have reached world-class standards and is comparable.

But the character of the two are quite different, C Luo outgoing and confident, Macy introverted but shy. So the media often will come to a very arbitrary and capricious conclusions, they do not like each other. But the Portuguese categorically denied this, he said it was the media concocted story. C Luo said: ‘This is normal, this is done in order to sell newspapers, so to say, but also conducive to the media from one hand to the other hand, I do not know why they would say, because I am a good relationship with him.

Over the
fifaultimateteams past eight years, we are active on the same stage. He is a fantastic professional player, I absolutely did not and he never had any problems. It’s just the media concocted story, but this is normal. ‘(Heater )