C Ronaldo has been in the best way! Anti opponents he can even pull with a pull

C Ronaldo no matter where people are the focus of attention, the China trip of European clubs, and Inter followers compared to Real Madrid fans obviously larger and more crazy. In training before the game, when the bus arrived at the stadium of Real Madrid, let the fans excited, particularly C Ronaldo’s influence, there are female fans loudly chanting “Cristiano”, C Ronaldo patiently for many fans autograph, even a to steal the spotlight.

No matter how, C Ronaldo can attract people’s attention, even if this game against Inter he played only half, but did not score. Match the first 4 minutes, C Ronaldo sent a precise ball straight, cut the rib cage Bell recently left foot low shot wide of the far corner. The first 11 minutes, C Ronaldo created the first threat of the audience, when the Cross midfield steals, Zhise C Ronaldo, Portugal star drove into the restricted area, left the restricted area near corner vigorously pumping was saved by Handanovic .

The first 14 minutes, Real Madrid get is on the left and right of the goal 25 meters free kick opportunity, C Ronaldo pulled a note of great strength lift the ball, but the ball was Handanovic flying Dan Zhang ball seal the bottom line, C Ronaldo shot Inter goalkeeper and defense are very exciting. After 2 minutes, C Ronaldo once again create a threat, then Bell midfield steals, C Luo and Hersey completed two had a match, left the restricted area low shot goal far corner, the ball touching the right column the bottom line.

The first 29 minutes, Jesse score, C Ronaldo also came to congratulate him. The first 38 minutes, C Ronaldo contributed to the game last threat of attack, then after Cross steals, crossing the ball outside the instep tear Inter defense, Real Madrid get the second chance to play three up front, Jesse broke the right touchline, After cross struck the restricted area, C Ronaldo Road, follow nudge the far corner, but the ball was Handanovic Puzhu. C Ronaldo’s remarkable performance in this game, although did not score, but you can see, the Portuguese kings are slowly recover their peak.