Can Viktor Lööv boost New Jersey’s defense?

Is it time for you to give a shot of Lööv into an NHL lineup?

Time was ticking away for choices to be created on Viktor Lööv. While competing for the Toronto Marlies from the AHL, his entry-level contract is coming to a close, and Lou Lamoriello had to determine if he’s worth keeping in the system(click nhl 17 coins). I for one believe that he was more than worth maintaining in the fold.

Who is Lööv?
At 6’2” and more than 200 lbs, Viktor Lööv has NHL stature, and he navigates the ice with extremely excellent mobility for his size. He has an typical shot, which he needs to make use of additional. His game is of your two-way assortment, not sacrificing defence for offense, but he’s dependable that way.

His true claim to Toronto Maple Leafs fame were his bone crushing hits and physical play. He will attempt and anticipate the play and lineup an unsuspecting opponent from his own blueline. He has discovered to scale it back a little, as he gets burned when he misses.

Lööv can be a challenging worker, possesses good defensive instincts, makes the odd misguided play, but is primarily maintenance cost-free for a coach. He is a character player, usually a great interview, and typically seems to have his head screwed on straight. As Babcock would say, “he’s a good pro”.

Unfortunately, he was traded away on Saturday for Sergey Kalinin – a center of no significance. I think the move was made on three fronts:

To totally free up playing time to other developing defenders.
Declutter the left shooting defenders in the system.
Good faith from Kyle Dubas and Lou Lamoriello to place him exactly whereLööv has the most effective chance to crack an NHL lineup.
There have been just also numerous promising candidates about him, debatably the strongest a single getting Rinat Valiev.

Did the Leafs will need Lööv?
Properly, sort of. Both Roman Polak and Matt Hunwick are unrestricted absolutely free agents on July 1, and aren’t most likely to return. Each are physical players, really occasionally Polak must be careful not to be charged for manslaughter. He’s like a lovable doomsday machine.

All joking aside, after they leave, a very good portion of physicality leaves too – along with somebbad penalties as well. If Lööv had been to crack the lineup, it would have been a bottom pairing function or because the seventh defenseman, but either way in a penalty killing capacity.

Could he have been an upgrade for Toronto?
Yes, Lööv was an upgrade to the aforementioned Hunwick-Polak bottom pair, lots of are. Löövs far more mobile, processes the play quicker, passes greater, and his defensive zone coverage is far better. I’m wasn’t hunting for L??v’s offense to translate for the NHL level, but for him to secure the neutral and defensive zones.

With his hits, he can insitl much more respect for crossing the defending blueline, that is a dying art in the modern day NHL. In all probability the most significant tangible distinction would be when speedy wingers try to beat Hunlak wide, exactly where Lööv could far more correctly limit the achievement.

Possibly what I like the most about Lööv is his awareness around his net, clearing out the garbage.

What Devils are in his way?
The New Jersey Devils are a mess around the blueline. To maintain pucks out of the net, they rely on team defense and goaltending. For the reason that of this, you will discover possibilities to take someone’s job.

The three defenders that appear to become staples moving forward are Ben Lovejoy, Damon Seversen, and also the captain Andy Greene. I only mention Lovejoy as a result of his contract, as he has a different two seasons after this existing a single, but his underlying numbers and his age (32) could change items.

More than any other defender, contact up, or veteran, Lovejoy bleeds much more shots with no reciprocating. In fact, it’s not even close. The reliance on Lovejoy to be a bullet consuming vest for their goalie speaks to his absurd blocked shot rate and he leads the defense core in ice-time. He’s essentially a band-aid, and doesn’t resolve the problem.

Where Viktor Lööv can make a spot for himself is battle Steven Santini and Jon Merril for playing time. They are each on the bottom pairing, each are unfavorable possession players, each bleed shots regardless of the degree of their competitors.

Löövs mobile possession and physical game can wrestle a starting function for himself around the third pairing. If he takes Merril’s job around the left side, he would save the money strapped Devils $445,000.

In the end, as numerous experienced athletes learn in their respective careers, roadblocks in 1 place are possibilities in a different.source: