Canadian women’s ice hockey finals lore US House to take four consecutive Olympics

Defending champion Canadian team 0-2 in an unfavorable situation, even chasing after two goals to tie the game 3-2 in overtime lore US, successfully defended while creating the project four consecutive Winter Olympics feat. Prior to the end of the bronze medal match, the Swiss team 0-2 in the same situation with the outbreak of the third quarter, and ultimately to a 4-3 win over the weak points of the Swedish team, won the bronze medal, while Sweden won the first four.

American lore ho to take four consecutive overtime Canada Winter Games

Since 1998 women’s ice hockey into the Winter Olympics, the war became a champion of the Canadian team and the US team, “the Mouth”, the Canadian team among the final four in a row, and after the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics from, creating a triple crown dominance.

The first section of the game, both sides are playing a very active, frequently launched an attack to the opponents goal, however, both sides offensive efficiency is not high, shot did not effectively translated into goals, the first section of the end, the two sides 0-0 goalless draw. At the beginning of the second quarter, the US team continued to attack the Canadian team, but this time the Canadian team were struggling to cope, in the race to 31 minutes and 57 seconds, the deadlock was finally broken, Duggan opened the scoring for the US team, the US team Section 1-0 lead came.

The third quarter, the US team dominated the scene to continue to put pressure on the Canadian team, opening just over two minutes, the US team’s Carpenter once again ripped through the door of the Canadian team, the United States extended the lead to 2-0. Canadian team in a vulnerable situation back then sounded the horn, the overall pressure of a massive attack, and finally seize the opportunity in the 56th minute, a ball recovered by Jenner. It when people think the United States will lock the race victory, tenacious Canadians Lengjian raid at the last minute, Pauline ripped through the door of the US team, the two sides into overtime 2-2.

Overtime, survived the Canadian team after a strong offensive against the opening of the US team, then a comprehensive counter-offensive, the first 68 minutes, Pauline scored twice to help the Canadian team to a 3-2 lore US team, achieve four consecutive Winter Olympics.

Switzerland, Sweden, winning the first Olympic Winter Games distal outbreak reversed female ice bronze

Prior to the end of the bronze medal match, the Swiss team in the 0-2 disadvantage, staged the third quarter comeback, the final 4-3 win over Sweden, won the bronze medal.

The first section of the game, the Swedish team gave the Swiss team a blow after launched wave after wave of attack, the first 14 minutes, Sweden Michael finally caught the opponent’s mistakes to score, the Swedish team to a 1-0 lead. After the game into the second quarter, dominated the scene of the Swedish team to continue to put pressure on the Swiss team at the time the ball was significantly more than the opponent, the Swedish team in the race to 38 minutes and 58 seconds, to seize the opportunity, by Johansen small-angle shot to score; the first two of Harding Park, the Swedish team a 2-0 lead.

The most dramatic moment of the whole game played in the final section. Sweden’s leading score too conservative, starting from the attack to turn defensive, and unwilling to fail the Swiss team returned to gamble, massive attack. The opening is only less than two minutes, the Swiss team Benz on the use of the opponent’s mistakes netted a goal; five minutes later, the Swiss team to seize the opportunity to counterattack, and Si Tanzi face Sweden goalkeeper, calm Tui, to level the score. Swiss team morale rainbow playing along, the first 53 minutes, with Lute Zi quality field goal, after the Swiss team scored three points, anti-Israel 3-2 lead. The last time the two teams most drastic, expand swear a stroke. The first 58 minutes, the Swiss team by Mu Leer scored the winning goal, helping the team to basically seal the victory 4-2; although the Swedish team in 44 seconds from the end of the game when you pulled a ball, but they still came from behind powerless. Ultimately, the Swiss team 4-3 win over Sweden, winning the first Winter Olympics women’s ice hockey bronze medal game, Sweden fourth.