CAPITAL beat Hurricanes lock playoff overtime

National Hockey League
hut coins buy and fighting eight games, Philadelphia Flyers 4 to 3 victory over the Detroit Red Wings, the Ottawa Senators 3 to 2 victory over the Minnesota Wild overtime, Dallas Stars 2 lost 5-1 to the Los Angeles Kings, overtime victory over the Washington Capitals 2-1 Carolina hurricanes.

Philadelphia Flyers 4 to 3 Detroit Red Wings

The first section of the game, the Flyers face of Musharraf from the wing break goalkeeper scored a goal a minute after Symonds rewrite the score 2-0, after the opening of the second quarter, the Red Wings take Atanasio Ignacio Greek Well pass scored a goal, the score will be reduced to 1 to 2, but then scored twice Musharraf, will expand the score 3 to 1, the Festival section, Daciqiuke
buy hut coins the red wings pulled a ball again but with the shift Houdekaise touch each other’s cross into his own goal, Flyers get two goals ahead again, 4-2. Red Wings blank range in the third quarter Tata netted a goal, but still Nanzu Flyers by 4 to 3 win. Flyers win this battle won 7 of their last nine games, is expected to beat the Red Wings won the Eastern final playoff spot.

Ottawa Senators 3-2 (OT) Minnesota Wild

Just-field match a minute and a half, wilderness Neidelaide team scored a goal on the counterattack in the second period, the Senators Hoffman long-range goal to tie it at 1 to 1, the third quarter the wilderness team Carter scored just hit penalty area approach, helping the team 2 to 1 lead, but the final 7.1 seconds, senators blank range in front of nets, the score tie, both teams had to go into overtime, overtime, senators Carlson shot to break, helping the team to a dramatic reversal of 3 to 2 win.
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