Cardinals sign veteran Chong Chuan hand Frini

Dwight – Frini (Dwight Freeney) back. NFL’s official website reporter Rand – Gatlinburg (Rand Getlin) reported on Monday that the impact
buy mut coins of the free-agent passing hand and the Arizona Cardinals signed a one-year contract according to people familiar with news. This one-year contract worth $ 870,000 plus Frini the sack bonus. Cardinals 42-17 win over the Detroit Lions in the game after another loss starting outside linebacker Alex – Okafor (Alex Okafor) (right calf) and reserve linebacker Kenny – Germany Clemens (Kenny Demens) (left knee), the 35-year-old
buy mut coins Cardinals Frini become the number one target. Okafor reportedly could miss six weeks time.

2015 has been unemployed for Frini previously played two seasons at San Diego Chargers, and before that he played 11 seasons for the Indianapolis Colts, brilliantly achieved 107.5 sack. Seven of the players selected for the Pro Bowl last season, is an important player of lightning, he made 40 times to catch up with the quarterback. We believe coach Bruce – Arians (Bruce Arians) and Cardinals can get them to introduce any player to maximize power. After the addition of one of the best teams this season, Frini return to the game, have a great opportunity once again to go very far in the playoffs.