Carroll Seahawks season is far from over

Seattle Seahawks this week after losing the game, the record of only 2 wins and 4 losses. Since the league playoff spot in 1990 will be expanded to 12 teams, the 168, only 14 playoff teams in the first 6 games take only 2 wins. Of these, only 4.2% of the team to win the division title, no one can finally capture the Super Bowl. Seahawks coach Pete – Carroll (Pete Carroll) for his team remains confident: Our season is far from over. It’s just a huge challenge.count the Super Bowl, the Seahawks lost in the past five games, were with the leading edge into the fourth quarter.

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NFL 16 Coins Buy case, losing four games of the team. Seahawks or 50 years, the second branch in a single season twice in four minutes before the end of the game still lead nine minutes, but eventually suffered a reversal of the team. From the second week of gains and losses in the fourth quarter of the Seahawks division ratio of 9-48. Carol represents: I think we should win these games. We should have six straight victories. This is the Seahawks since the 7-9 2011 season, for the first time in six games after winning less than five percent. But as Carol said, the season is far from over, the Seahawks still have a chance to enter the playoffs.