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2015CFD teenagers dryland hockey tournament in Shanghai Minhang ended

Chinese Drylands Development Centre puck in Minhang District, Shanghai Rui state recently launched a China Arena unprecedented event that 2015CFD teenagers dryland hockey tournament, the main object entries young people under 14 years dryland hockey team from Shanghai. This event is the first step in China dryland hockey to youth groups towards formal events, the future National Youth Hockey League dryland prototype.

The tournament is divided into two categories, namely 7-9 age group, 10-12 year-old group, a total of nine teams to participate. Competition in the parents ‘cries sound wave and the children ran between fierce defensive and offensive conduct a round trip, more than 10 matches while staff prepared an orderly 5V5 game, the other side also organized a parents’ participation Interesting Dianqiu war. In the CFD organization, more than 200 family members to share the passion and the affection, joy and sweat dry land ice hockey event. Final older group LZD Shanghai Experimental School team, small age group Cahe dream team won the championship respectively.

Chinese Drylands Development Centre ice hockey tournament trying to build this platform for those who love sports love dryland hockey kids want the ultimate goal is not just to promote the sport from the Nordic fashion, but want to pass this fit with China’s national conditions of extreme sports, will sports and cultural value of dryland hockey brought into the children’s lives, so that the fundamental values ​​of dryland hockey subtle immersed into the children’s learning and future life. In the high-intensity combat to understand the relationship in between the team and the individual, understand the meaning of communication; let the children through the strong dialogue with different teams, know how to win the other side, we need a more solid foundation, a higher understanding of the team; Through this event so that parents feel personally involved in the child and interpret it through a game behind the growth.

Chinese Drylands Development Centre Hockey hope to this event as a starting point, encouraging practice should bear the social responsibility, from the children’s interest in sport culture starting with education as the core to create a youth sports education ecosystem.

Former chairman of the World Anti-Doping Association publicly blasted the NHL drug testing system

Although the Swedish ice hockey player Nicolas – Beckstrom isolated on doping in Sochi, but the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) retain the silver medal they have acquired, but the former world Wednesday Chairman of the Anti-Doping Association, Dick – Pande have expressed strong dissatisfaction.

Beckstrom detected in Sochi after the final acceptance of doping tests out of the body of pseudoephedrine hydrochloride exceeded, it is determined to use stimulants. He argued that this is their own are taking non-prescription drugs caused, according to the International Olympic Committee and the relevant regulations, he was allowed to continue to retain their acquired Sochi Winter Olympics silver medal.

Former president of the World Anti-Doping Association, Dick – Pande said in an interview, said: “I have to say that I deal with on this case is very disappointed, but still retains the athlete did not own silver pass a drug test, I think this is Jianlou behavior. ”

Pande reason reflect strong, too, and NHL management system related to doping. NHL is recognized all sports leagues in North America in the most liberal of doping organizations, and is the only sports organization does not detect a human hormones. In the past eight years, NHL is only detected three cases of doping violations.

Pande had set off a storm in Canadian hockey players about doping incident, he had claimed nearly 30 percent of NHL players use drugs to enhance physical function. “We are also not strong enough. You do not know what drugs they are eating, do not know the role of these drugs on athletes. What I’m not sure the drug is not on the NHL for their responsibilities in this regard.”

Figure skating champion Mao Asada of Japan decided to return to the track

According to Japanese media site on May 19 reported that the Japanese figure skating star Mao Asada at 18 pm in Tokyo held a reporter conference, said:. “. Will be back on the court’s goal is now to return to last year’s level” indicates a continuing Players career ideas.
Asada final ranked sixth in Sochi Olympics, won three World Championship titles, and she also won the highest number of Japanese figure skater in the world championships. But in May last year, Asada said: “their physical and mood adjustments need to rest.” Show temporarily to rest for some time. And for a return to the track or to rest after retirement, she replied:. “Chance of half and half of it.” But earlier this month to the General Assembly Asada target to begin training, her fate attracted everyone’s attention.
The reporter conference Asada said: “At the end of the Sochi Olympics, really like to give up skating, but as time goes on, slowly began to yearn game, you want to feel again show gives me a sense of accomplishment, I began to think To return to the court in March after communication with the coach, decided to start training this month. “In addition, she also said:.”.. will make 100% effort to return to the game is not yet considered what the Olympics, want first to restored to the level of last year’s world championships as the goal. “show the will to continue the athletes career.
Reporters conference brought together more than 200 correspondents scene, Mao Asada surface to be a smile, preferred to answer a reporter’s question, time is about 20 minutes.
After Mao Asada will be 7 – ice show held in August in Sapporo and Sendai City and other places in the performances, and to participate in this year’s Fall Meeting of the goal, continue to strengthen the training.

Beijing Junior hockey competition to showcase China to the United States Hockey Project Development

In the February 16 President’s Day, held in St. Louis Junior Hockey League Cup, Beijing Coyotes hockey team won the 04-05 group winner! The race Beijing coyotes hockey players total nine, born from 2007 to 2004 across the four ages of birth, although usually in a team, but not a group, the temporary team to participate in the group 04-05 to win the game in one fell swoop. This is the China Youth ice hockey team to participate in a competition held in the United States for the first time to win! The first winter sports showcase China to the world, especially the new hockey team project achievements made.

With China’s bid for 2022 Winter Olympics, China’s winter sports are highly valued and rapid development, public participation in the launch, under the guiding ideology ruled, hockey programs in the country, especially flourish in Beijing, according to statistics, only Beijing is learning hockey youth have three thousand people, and the annual growth potential blowout.

Emerging movement to bring a wider range of international communication space, this time Beijing Coyotes hockey team to the United States to participate in the competition, but also reflects the needs of the movement in the new situation, learn hockey players and families eager to go abroad international, dating to the ball the ball exchange. These small players from China, this line went, by the local fans, players and even coaches parents greatly welcomed, local dispatched a high-level coach unreservedly for our words and deeds of small players, the playing field “let’s go let’s go little wolves “cheering after another, between players, between parents, between coaches built on a short tour to learn the game in a deep affection and barrier-free communication in the real understanding of the world and also to let the world know more about the China.