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Prime 3 NHL Goaltenders with the week: Braden Holtby reasserts dominance

Whilst Carey Price would be the most talked about goaltender in the league, Devan Dubnyk has been the most effective within the league, but exactly where does he stand this week?

Carey Cost might have been voted as a captain for the All Star game, but he has been out-performed by the Minnesota Wild goaltender, Devan Dubnyk. But who was the very best goaltender this week?

3. Peter Budaj

Now that the Los Angeles Kings are obtaining scoring from Jeff Carter, they are also finding strong goaltending from Peter Budaj.

Over the final seven days, the Kings had two games, each against conference rivals. Budaj went 3-1, losing against the Dallas Stars. He has started in 35 games, playing in 37, and includes a 20-11-3 record(click buy NHL 17 Coins). He also includes a two.10 objectives against average as well as a .917 save percentage.

Soon after Jonathan Swift went down with an injury, the Kings struggled in net, but Los Angeles is presently sitting inside the Western Conference’s second wild card location, three points out in the Pacific’s playoff spots.

At this point, the Kings possess a opportunity to make the playoffs and can make them if Budaj maintains – and even elevates – his play.

2. Devan Dubnyk

Devan Dubnyk has been the very best goaltender in the NHL all season. He leads the league in objectives against typical and save percentage using a 1.77 goals against typical and a .940 save percentage. The Wild netminder has played in 32 games and includes a 22-7-3 record.

Within the last seven days, the Wild had two games and went 2-0. In these games he created 43 saves on 45 shots. Dubnyk has carried the Wild this year, and is their greatest player. He as led the Wild into playoff positions.

The Wild are in very first spot inside the Western Conference, around the exact same points because the Chicago Blackhawks but possess a vastly superior target distinction and have played 4 fewer games. The Wild will make the playoffs and have an chance to possess a deep run within the post-season.

Devan Dubnyk’s stellar play is generating him a great candidate for the Vezina Trophy.

1. Braden Holtby

Braden Holtby has confirmed his talent within this league and has emerged because the Washington Capitals’ beginning goaltender. Holtby has played in 34 games this season, and features a 21-8-4 record. He includes a 1.85 ambitions against average in addition to a .933 save percentage.

Over the last seven days, the Capitals have played in 4 games, with Holtby going 4-0 across them. He made 106 saves on 109 shots, maintaining two shutouts.

Washington is in second place inside the Eastern Conference. They are a single point behind first spot inside the conference and quantity 1 group in the league, the Columbus Blue Jackets. The Capitals will make the playoffs, and will make a deep run.

All of these goaltenders are proven and are giving their group an awesome likelihood of generating it for the post-season. Dubnyk and Holtby are getting Veznia deserving hut 17 coins at




Former chairman of the World Anti-Doping Association publicly blasted the NHL drug testing system

Although the Swedish ice hockey player Nicolas – Beckstrom isolated on doping in Sochi, but the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) retain the silver medal they have acquired, but the former world Wednesday Chairman of the Anti-Doping Association, Dick – Pande have expressed strong dissatisfaction.

Beckstrom detected in Sochi after the final acceptance of doping tests out of the body of pseudoephedrine hydrochloride exceeded, it is determined to use stimulants. He argued that this is their own are taking non-prescription drugs caused, according to the International Olympic Committee and the relevant regulations, he was allowed to continue to retain their acquired Sochi Winter Olympics silver medal.

Former president of the World Anti-Doping Association, Dick – Pande said in an interview, said: “I have to say that I deal with on this case is very disappointed, but still retains the athlete did not own silver pass a drug test, I think this is Jianlou behavior. ”

Pande reason reflect strong, too, and NHL management system related to doping. NHL is recognized all sports leagues in North America in the most liberal of doping organizations, and is the only sports organization does not detect a human hormones. In the past eight years, NHL is only detected three cases of doping violations.

Pande had set off a storm in Canadian hockey players about doping incident, he had claimed nearly 30 percent of NHL players use drugs to enhance physical function. “We are also not strong enough. You do not know what drugs they are eating, do not know the role of these drugs on athletes. What I’m not sure the drug is not on the NHL for their responsibilities in this regard.”

Figure skating champion Mao Asada of Japan decided to return to the track

According to Japanese media site on May 19 reported that the Japanese figure skating star Mao Asada at 18 pm in Tokyo held a reporter conference, said:. “. Will be back on the court’s goal is now to return to last year’s level” indicates a continuing Players career ideas.
Asada final ranked sixth in Sochi Olympics, won three World Championship titles, and she also won the highest number of Japanese figure skater in the world championships. But in May last year, Asada said: “their physical and mood adjustments need to rest.” Show temporarily to rest for some time. And for a return to the track or to rest after retirement, she replied:. “Chance of half and half of it.” But earlier this month to the General Assembly Asada target to begin training, her fate attracted everyone’s attention.
The reporter conference Asada said: “At the end of the Sochi Olympics, really like to give up skating, but as time goes on, slowly began to yearn game, you want to feel again show gives me a sense of accomplishment, I began to think To return to the court in March after communication with the coach, decided to start training this month. “In addition, she also said:.”.. will make 100% effort to return to the game is not yet considered what the Olympics, want first to restored to the level of last year’s world championships as the goal. “show the will to continue the athletes career.
Reporters conference brought together more than 200 correspondents scene, Mao Asada surface to be a smile, preferred to answer a reporter’s question, time is about 20 minutes.
After Mao Asada will be 7 – ice show held in August in Sapporo and Sendai City and other places in the performances, and to participate in this year’s Fall Meeting of the goal, continue to strengthen the training.

NHL-Teams History

There are National Hockey League was founded in 1917 when five teams, after a series of extensions, after the dissolution and migration, today there are 30 teams, 24 in the United States, six in Canada. Montreal Canadiens are the most successful team, won a total of 24 times in the history of Stanley Cup; the four major professional sports in North America, the site is only to win more times than Group A League of New York Yankees baseball team; the second success of the team is in Toronto Maple Leafs were winning Stanley Cup 13 times, but never won after 1967. Won 10 of the Detroit Red Wings Stanley Cup while it was the most successful American team. Peat is the longest Stanley Cup 1955-56 to 1959-60 a total of five of the Montreal Canadiens; the New York Islanders and Montreal Canadiens team has had four-peat. 1977 Montreal Canadiens lineup is ESPN called great movement in the history of the second team. Over the past two quarters, respectively, won the first prize by the Carolina Hurricanes and Tampa Bay Lightning team.
Montreal Canadiens Montreal Canadiens

Today Union will be divided into teams of two large area west of East ﹑. Each region have three partitions, each have five teams. Based on the current root partition 1998-99 season, the league added two partitions into a reformer 6 partitions; today’s team is in the 2000-2001 season at Minnesota Wild and Columbus Blue Jackets team team two expansion teams After determining to join the alliance.