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Figure skating champion Mao Asada of Japan decided to return to the track

According to Japanese media site on May 19 reported that the Japanese figure skating star Mao Asada at 18 pm in Tokyo held a reporter conference, said:. “. Will be back on the court’s goal is now to return to last year’s level” indicates a continuing Players career ideas.
Asada final ranked sixth in Sochi Olympics, won three World Championship titles, and she also won the highest number of Japanese figure skater in the world championships. But in May last year, Asada said: “their physical and mood adjustments need to rest.” Show temporarily to rest for some time. And for a return to the track or to rest after retirement, she replied:. “Chance of half and half of it.” But earlier this month to the General Assembly Asada target to begin training, her fate attracted everyone’s attention.
The reporter conference Asada said: “At the end of the Sochi Olympics, really like to give up skating, but as time goes on, slowly began to yearn game, you want to feel again show gives me a sense of accomplishment, I began to think To return to the court in March after communication with the coach, decided to start training this month. “In addition, she also said:.”.. will make 100% effort to return to the game is not yet considered what the Olympics, want first to restored to the level of last year’s world championships as the goal. “show the will to continue the athletes career.
Reporters conference brought together more than 200 correspondents scene, Mao Asada surface to be a smile, preferred to answer a reporter’s question, time is about 20 minutes.
After Mao Asada will be 7 – ice show held in August in Sapporo and Sendai City and other places in the performances, and to participate in this year’s Fall Meeting of the goal, continue to strengthen the training.

Short track speed skating originated from Canada

Short track speed skating short track speed skating short, originated in Canada. 1880s, Canada built an indoor ice rink, some speed skating fans to the indoor ice rink to practice regularly.

Since 1981, he began to organize World Short Track Speed Skating Championships. The venue area of 30 × 60 meters and 111.12 meters long runway each lap, using the pre-grouping, times, complex, the final out of the system, draw lots to decide passes. Starting the game, more than the athletes on the starting line at the same time starting, taxiing at any time ahead of the competition. Players must wear protective helmets and protective gloves.

1988 Canada Winter Games in Calgary, short track speed skating was included in the performances. 1992 Olympic Winter Games, short track speed skating became an official event was the men’s individual 1000 meters with a 5,000-meter relay, women’s individual 1000 meters, 3000 meters relay. 1994 Winter Olympics, the men’s individual 500 meters, the women’s individual 500 meters, the women’s individual 1000 meters is also included in an official event.