Charlotte boss again

WASHINGTON (intern reporter Li Ruyi) last night’s game, ‘Air’ Jordan went to the scene. And the last game of the tournament in Shenzhen, the same as the gap of the second period, the cheerleaders in Jordan guided down to the center court, the fans waved to the presence of the audience immediately responded with thunderous applause. Jordan has become the
nba 2k16 mt owner of the Charlotte Hornets, he said.

When I was involved in the management of the team, I can still feel closely linked with the basketball’ 2004, Jordan first came to China, at the time of the trip short and compact, but this does not affect the Chinese fans of
website ‘night’ in the pursuit. 11 years later, Jordan once again to China, he believes a strong atmosphere of Chinese basketball, ‘Yao and Yi Jianlian in the NBA hard out of their own place, hope to have more Chinese players to the NBA, I am very optimistic about the Chinese market and Chinese players. ‘Jordan as a player who has made six times NBA championship.

Recalling past achievements, Jordan
nba mt points said, ‘First you have to set some goals, and then to do their utmost strength to complete the goal. The source of all efforts lies love of basketball.’ ‘God of basketball,’ Jordan’s story inspired countless fans , of course, including his daughter. The Chinese race, Jordan’s daughter also came to China, when asked what she thought of his father, she said, ‘He is the master of all control of them, so whenever he made a decision, you have to do It is not to question. ‘