Chelsea 30 million purchase Tetsuei good profit Mourinho: We do not want Cech

According to the British “Daily Mirror” message, Premier League giants Chelsea ready to offer 30 million pounds this week, buying Everton through Sri Lanka, and Alan – Shearer would agree such a deal. Although Cech has become an Arsenal, but Mourinho will not miss Czech goalkeeper position.
Chelsea’s defense poor performance in the new season opener, at Laayoune, Gomis, turns to the impact Montero, Ivan, Terry and other veterans of the inadequate performance, according to the “Daily Mirror newspaper,” said Chelsea ready to offer 30 million Buying pound Stones, but the England striker’s Everton this price is 34 million pounds, the gap between the two sides has not. Toffees defender Van Dyk intends to Celtic as their avatars, Van Dyk capable linebacker and fullback, just to make up for the injured Baines. In an interview, Martinez talked about the Stones in the future, he said, “Stones love Everton, the club he loves this team, and his occupational incredible. So I do not think He could not move because of angry, he was always very professional performance. We are all human beings, but the Stones are a leader, one day he would grow as a leader. ”
It is worth mentioning that the legend Alan – Shearer believes the Chelsea Stones, he said, “If Everton decided to sell Stones to Chelsea, I heard Ferdinand think this is a disadvantageous deal, but I think this fair is great, there are two main reasons. First, the Stones will play in the hands of the best coaches in the Premier League, second, he will live together along with the best England defender John Terry was observed He also learned from his body. For these reasons, I think the Stones could make it better. ”

Courtois red in the Premier League in the first round, while Begovic doing well coming off the bench, in the case when it comes to the goalkeeper position, Mourinho revealed not miss Cech, “We do not miss Cech, Begovic is a very good keeper, and now we have two excellent goalkeepers. Cech’s situation for us is the strength of competitors become strong. Courtois and Begovic is very excellent goalkeeper Begovic timely fashion is very good, do not wait until August 31. If we get a keeper in August 31, then we have a problem not only the first round, the next one is also there big trouble. ”

In Felipe – leaving the team after Luiz, Chelsea hope in the transfer market to acquire a left-back, Chelsea’s goal is to Augsburg Baba, but despite their bid to reach the 25 million euros, but according to “sport1” message , Augsburg hike, they want to get a transfer fee of 30 million euros, which makes comparison difficult Chelsea. Therefore, do not rule out the possibility of acquisitions Baba Blues give up.