Chicago Bears took Geoffrey use of foreign franchise player tag

Al took over Shin – Jeffrey (Alshon Jeffery) in the offseason this year, never leave the Chicago Bears. Bears Monday has confirmed this point, announced that they will use the franchise player tag on him. NFL official website reporter Ian – Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the Bruins to Jeffrey non-exclusive franchise player tag. This means that Jeffrey may negotiate with other teams, the Bears could match any offer, if Jeffrey leave, his new team need to send two first-round draft picks in exchange.

General manager Ryan – Perth (Ryan Pace) last week in the NFL body measurements camp said he was radical and Jeffrey talks about. When the players on Tuesday to label the upcoming deadline, the Bears will use to fight for their label to finalize a long-time. Franchise tag in 2016 took over the contract amount to $ 14,599,000. Pace could not
NFL 16 Coins make their best offensive weapon leave. When healthy and in good condition, Jeffrey is a change of the game players can force your opponent to defend his marker constantly changing group of players. Jeffrey injuries last season, leading to lack of war seven games last season, he made a total of 54 catches for 807 yards in two consecutive seasons before his ball a few yards over a thousand.

Jeffrey role in the field is obvious. According to ESPN statistics, when the Bears played Jeffrey average 6.0 yards-per-offensive advance, and after his departure offensive advancing 4.8 yards each. Jeffrey branded franchise player tag to ensure that quarterback Jay – Cutler (Jay Cutler) passing the safest target will stay in Chicago. The next step is to give Jeffrey a large contract.