Chiefs running back Charles reimbursement knee injuries for fear of the season

Kansas City Chiefs met the worst-case scenario in the game this week, when they were leading 14 min, the
cheap madden 16 coins main running back Jamal – Charles (Jamaal Charles) because the right knee injury leave. When Charles departure in the help of his teammates could not force the leg. Then race to the third quarter, leading the Chicago Bears 17-3 Chiefs. But the Bears finally reversed in the fourth quarter to 18-17 victory over the Chiefs. After the game, Chiefs coach Andy – Reid (Andy Reid) said the preliminary test results before he gets Charles knee cruciate ligament tear.

Generally, reimbursement of the injury means the season. Since the 2011 season, Charles left anterior cruciate
cheap madden coins ligament tear in the two games played in the season to declare. Chiefs have used Charles Kendrick – West (Charcandrick West) as Charles the bench. In the beginning of the season instead of Niles West – Davis (Knile Davis) serve in this role.