China lost to Slovakia Ice Hockey World Championship once again missed the Class A group

Women’s World Ice Hockey Championships Group B grade performed the final round contest, the Chinese team in the final two minutes and a half years desperate, scored two goals in succession, but still with a 3: 4 lost to Slovakia, the impact of Class A Group The goal again before the fall.

The game is critical for the Chinese team, as long as the beat, will rank first to obtain a liter A qualification. After the start, the Chinese team continued the consistent style, the game just 12 seconds whistle hit by the scored.

However, in the world championships has been unbeaten Slovakia team did not panic, quickly organized a counterattack, and in 12 minutes 53 seconds by the cover Sharapova into a tie ball. Thereafter, the Slovak team complete control of the situation in the field, playing with confidence, to the end of the second game in a 4: 1 lead, qualified Class A group has been distant sight.

Behind the Chinese team has been looking for opportunities to restore the situation, but the frustration outstanding physical quality opponents, the speed advantage of the Chinese team is to contain opponents. Until the second half of the third inning, the Chinese team has not been able to find opportunities to break again. In the game into the final two minutes, the Chinese team was forced to gamble on the cliffs, even goalkeepers have been replaced, six players all the pressure to the other side of the ball in front of a massive attack.

Chinese team fight to the death attitude to Slovakia have also shown some confusion, and Heli Che Sloek baby doll has fined. The Chinese team in a 4 6 situation by the captain and Sun Rui scored twice to chase the score 3: 4. But this time the game only 14 seconds of time, the Chinese team shot wide at the last moment, had to accept the results of defeat. Chinese team in the final five games 3-2 results came in the third place team of six.

After the match, China coach Zhang M, said, compared with rivals, “Chinese team in many ways there is a gap with rivals, such as overall co-ordination, individuals in their respective positions on the ability to complete. We can see that the Slovak team in all age levels We have a high level of players, while the Chinese team’s merchandise is severe, young players still relatively immature. ”

Chinese women’s ice hockey team has won the fourth in Nagano Winter Olympics, but because of the lack of reserve personnel, followed by the results fell quickly. In 2009, the Chinese team fell out of the top eight in the world, had to compete Class A group, followed in 2011, the Chinese team has slipped to grade group B. The failure to punch A success means that the Chinese team had to participate by the end of the 2016 Winter Olympic Games qualifiers to qualify for the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Zhang M, said qualifier in November 2016, only to get the first chance to get the Winter Olympics qualification, which is difficult for the Chinese team is very large. He said: “The order to prepare for the World Championships we recall the five veterans, but their task is to this game, they resort to qualifying for next year is more difficult now this Chinese team of other players all of them are relatively small. , it will take time. I can only say that we strive to achieve good results in the qualifiers. “