China Youth Hockey aristocratic label must go(2)

“Really is a noble sport,” in 2014 and 2015, Beijing Youth Hockey League closing ceremony, the parents of small hockey players Liu told reporters. Sharon’s son is six and a half years old, playing hockey for almost two years, “kids play hockey after the harvest is obvious, including enhanced physical fitness, increase willpower, these positive changes in the body of the child, we have been He played hockey supports the most important reason. “Liu said,” In addition, indoor hockey program allows children from exposure to Beijing haze outdoor air, and very safe, never hurt a child. These are our keepin Children playing ice hockey secondary causes. ”

“But hockey is really expensive.” Liu lamented the child to participate in all extra-curricular courses, the cost is the highest hockey.

“The cheapest one training session 300 yuan a week for two to three classes, would almost 3000 yuan a month.” Liu said, “My child one week on two or three classes be small, some children one week to be on four five classes. Class Fee is the largest children spend playing hockey, kids still want to buy the equipment, he is now the body of this equipment is four or five thousand dollars, but also a relatively cheap. As children grow up, the equipment also need to be replaced Also, it takes a lot of money also participate in the competition, such as the cost of participating in the league have thousands of dollars, use the holiday to the field to participate in the exchange of the game, they have to spend a year more than ten thousand dollars. ”

All told, Sharon annual cost for the children to play ice hockey are four or five million, the sum of all other than the child to participate in extracurricular courses more than that “other kids to participate in training courses, such as the piano, English, etc., a single lesson are below 200 yuan, the training to participate in other sports, such as football, swimming, etc., as long as a single class of about 50 yuan. play hockey significantly higher cost. ”

Sharon is still spent less. Huang briefed reporters on his 7-year-old son spent a year playing hockey is a hundred thousand dollars, “the boy on four to five times one week training course, class fee only five or six thousand a month is necessary.” Plus Wong son the opportunity to go abroad to participate in the exchange of the field and the game some more, the cost of the game is spent each year on five or six million.

According to Mr Wong, he knew the parents of several young ice hockey, the annual cost is higher than him. Generally speaking, in Beijing, a hockey teenager spent four or five million per year is more common, “Children should be at least a two week training course, if the class is reduced to once a week, although the cost will be down, but the child interest and play the effect of exercise will be greatly reduced. “Wong told reporters.

Secretary-General of Beijing Liu Ge hockey association said in an interview with reporters, said the Beijing Youth Hockey is the oldest child star players such as the rich-based, but in recent years, the children of the middle class and white-collar workers have become Beijing the main city youth hockey. And white-collar middle class is a relatively wealthy, but not did not care to spend.

Several parents of young hockey reporter interviewed expressed the hope that the children spend playing hockey down.

High cost has prevented more families choose hockey as a child, Sharon said, “I had to ask my colleagues to do the children play hockey, but I heard that children play hockey year to spend five or six million, immediately dismissed the idea. ”

So, Chinese parents can spend less money to let children participate in hockey sports?

Beijing Hao Thai ice hockey club chairman Zhang Yuan told reporters, “is entirely possible.”

Zhang Yuan believes the one hand, the competent authorities for the development of young people to create a better hockey outer space, such as youth hockey training institutions give preferential tax policies, as well as the construction of more public skating venues. On the other hand, the current youth hockey training institutions through more efficient operations to reduce costs, for example, a standard hockey rink can provide training venues for the 1000 children in foreign countries, but in China, may be dozens of children, training costs naturally go up. Zhang Yuan called metaphor, “a bus can take 40 people, just pull the two guests, the cost is not too high?”

Zhang Yuan in view, the price of a single class youth hockey training should not be higher than 200 yuan, “according to the club of my own calculations, I think that training costs can be reduced to 150 yuan once entirely.”

In the context of the Winter Olympics Shen Beijing, China proposed a “three hundred million people on the ice,” the goal. As the number one winter sports programs to popularize hockey in China there is still much room for improvement. But if youth hockey participation has remained at high levels, it is conceivable that even economically developed cities like Beijing, youth hockey in the “hot” is also difficult to maintain.