China’s first man into the NHL Draft

From uniforms to wear on the pitch, Song Andong still has a long way to go.

June 27, 2015 North American professional ice hockey league (NHL) draft, born in 1997, 18-year-old Beijing guy Song Andong 172 in the sixth round pick by the New York Islanders teams selected, he also became the North American professional ice hockey league in recent A hundred years of history as the first Chinese player selected.

In fact, the domestic like Song An dong like a dream with the parents went to the development of the North American ice hockey youth, about fifty or sixty people, but most of them have to change direction to go to school, such as the leader Song An dong, stick with it, only seven eight.

Growth course

In 2012, Song Andong hope for the future to the United States for college, so the family’s center of gravity began to shift America. With excellent hockey level, Song An dong was spotted by a famous private school in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, in order to ensure adequate time to play the game as an invitation to join the school team, after being appointed as vice-captain.

In the 2014-2015 season, Song Andong outstanding performance won the best defender in New Jersey, got the college teams and professional team scouts. 2015-2016 season he will join the famous American private schools Dov Philip Louisiana high school team, officially joined the private school hockey league in New England.

While living abroad, Song An dong from the age of 15 are often returning expedition. 2014, 2015 two consecutive years with the Beijing team to participate in the National Junior Hockey Championship, and helped the team win the 2015 National Championship in Group A, and for two consecutive years to get recruited Chinese Ice Hockey Association, on behalf of the Chinese national youth team to participate World hockey championship under 18 (U18) group game. In the 2015 World Championships in Serbia, Song Andong as captain, and received the title of best player in the game and Romania.

Hockey coach Fu Lei said, speaking for the Song Andong, up to today is undoubtedly a success. The group had relatively small minority of projects is not enough to rely on the professional system to expand the popularity of family sports mode attempt will be supplemented for some time basic training of Chinese hockey.

The beginning step, not just investment revenue is paid in return.